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Hey Hey vingle fam! @SimplyAwkward here to give out a continuation of @nimm14's card on caring and thankful anime characters. this weeks theme is about being being thankful and appreciate everything since thanksgiving is right around the corner. SO today here will be an add-on of four more anime characters who are caring, kind and warm-hearted to others Now lets get started!
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Makoto Tachibana - Free!!

He is the pure walking example of kindness and always worry about his team-mates and his little siblings and taking care of anything and anyone is his strong-suit!

Hinata Shouyou- Haikyuu!!

Just by his smiles alone he always bringing a joy around his team and usually shows it!

Tsumugi Kotobuki - K~ON!

This girl brings tea and sweets for her band mates before practice and is the sweetest person to ever have as a friend

Marco Bott - Attack On Titan

Ah yes "Freckled Jesus" the one who you can tell all of your problems too and will cheer you up with encouraging words is the reason why he is put on the "Kind and Caring list"
Well What did you think about the list? Do you think of any other kind and caring anime character that gotten you interested? Leave a comment below and from the media monsters to you have a happy and safe thanksgiving!

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Hayato Hayama from my romantic comedy snafu came to mind