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Yey! been writing in and out all day! finally home and get to post! so were gonna go back around to Yoongi view in the park ☺
Yoongi view**** It was a bit odd as I ran with the guys this morning I saw a blonde chick that kept getting close to us and then would run past, then slow down till she was behind and so on for an entire mile. After a while I realized it was Mel. It got on my nerves and with as much as Jimin was checking her out, even he was getting frustrated that she was screwing with our run. "If we go to the other side of the park you think she'll follow?" Tae asked. "I really hope she doesn't" Jimin breathed out. "Really? I thought you'd want to get on that?" Tae teased him. "No" Jimin winced. "I look, I don't touch" he defended himself. That was more truth then I expected to hear in the earshot of a female. "Awe Jiminie acting shy around girls" hobi teased. "No. I'm busy at the moment" Jimin said. "I'm going to go meet up with Keri guys" I said starting to separate myself from the group but they followed. "When is she going to hang out with us again?" Tae asked. "I want to go to an arcade" he was energetic at the moment. "Take kooki" I suggested. Those two were close in age and did a lot together. "But I want to go with you and your girlfriend" Tae carried on. "Me too!!!",Kooki chimmed in. Those two were like little kids. I could either give in to them or say no and hear their whining for the next several days. "Please please please" Tae and Kooki ran around me. "I don't think Yoongi is going to let you boys" Jin commented. "I bet 20 he gives in" Namjion said. "He let's those crazy maknae's lead him around like a play toy" he added. "Not this time. Guys its dates not group outings" I said. I didn't want to have to watch the as me and Keri got together. But if she wanted to I would let them. "I'm heading out, I'll see you guys later" I waved and ran away from the group of guys. As I ran across the bridge to the other side, Mel followed. Great so apparently Keri hadn't told her last night. I wasn't going to be the one to tell her. Instead of going directly to their meeting spot I ran back across the bridge and back towards the guys. Mel followed. The guys looked at me quizzically. "That blonde is following me" I told them when I joined them. All of them looked, not subtle at all. "Do you know her?" Jin asked. "Yea, that's Keri's friend Mel" I told him. "What?" " Her?" " Seriously?"  The guys reactions varied. "Yes, I think she's following me" I told them. "You want us to stop her?" Namjoon asked. "We could do evil things to her" that look on Tae's face actually scared me. I may not like her that much but what Tae probably was thinking wasn't anything good. "If she goes crazy you can have a shot at her" I told him putting off whatever crazy thing he was planning. "Okay! Let us know If you need us to distract her" Tae said. "Hey she knows your going out with someone right?" Jimin asked. "I don't actually know. Keri was going to tell her last night" I told him. "Okay well if she follows you over there when you see Keri make a public display out if it. Kiss her, hold on to her, fuck her-" "Okay Jimin not going that far, but I get it" I stopped him before he could go on. "Yup figured you would" he grinned. Leaving the guys I went across  the bridge I saw Keri looking around for me. I called out to her. Mel was following behind me, so as Jimin recommended when Keri came over to me I wrapped my arms around her and held onto her. I could tell she was confused but she still wrapped her arms around my neck. Keri! Your late! You said you would meet me here at 6, its 7" Mel approached jogging up to us. Ugh apparently she was going to use Keri. You knew I was meeting Yoongi this morning to go running" Keri told her. "Oh really? My mistake" Mel winked. Wait how did she know? Me and Keri exchanged a fee words before we started our run. As we ran I asked her about how Mel knew and Keri told me how she met up with Mel last night and told me all that happened. I felt kind of bad for Mel, to get drugged by some asshole, and that its happened before. That wasn't good. At least she had a friend like Keri to take care of her and watch over her. Before we parted I asked if she wanted to get dinner some time in the week and she agreed. I also told her how The and Kooki wanted to hang out with us and like I thought she laughed about it. Then she said she would like to do that. So later on in the week she would meet them, plus all the other guys.
hehe so we see his side of what Keri is doing and how Yoongi feels about it. apparently he doesn't like it. and way to go guys giving him idea's!
more!!!! lol
huh well the way Mel is I wouldn't want her either
yoongi wants her all to himself 😈.... if looove that but it kill to hang out with all of them as a group as well! theyd be sooooo much fun to be around!
So Jimin won't go after Mel....hmm.