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Happy Monday everyone!!!!!!!! Kim here bringing you another dose
So we're gonna go back into the SuJu vault and pull out a classic. This song can bring a tear to your eyes. Even when they preform it live, it still can get you crying!!!!
Forgive me for having this card short. I'm trying to fight to keep my eyes open, but I'm quickly losing the battle. I shall see you all on the next card!!!
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Btw I look forward to your cards each time they are really good thx
Why haven't I heard this song before I need to buy more albums from them it's hard to look for it all on YouTube unless I watch the super shows but they are to long and it's hard for me to see it all but this song did make me cry 😭 it's very beautiful I feel like it's meant for ELF and knowing the guys I think it is meant for us 😭😭😭😭 I shall go cry in a corner now while I buy the song from iTunes