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Love Ice skating?This AMAZING ANIME BTW This anime is focused around for Girl Audiences.
Yuri Katsuki makes his way to the Grand Prix ice skating competition as Japan’s top representative with his eyes on the prize. However, instead of celebrating, Yuri walks away defeated and ready to retire for good. But a run-in with champion Viktor Nikiforov and rising star Yuri Plisetsky ignites a new fire within him. With the two of them close by his side, Yuri will take to the ice once more.
This is so coincidence!! I just started watching this show and I'm barely on episode 7.
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I love it
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When does episode 8 come out???
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@Drageonix well im watching it in chrunchyroll and it's going to come out today in 3 hrs.
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but if u register as like payment you can see it. Cause after it's released I can see episode 7 but not 8, since I don't pay and watch for free. I hope u get me? cause if u do than u must of gotten the Chrunchyroll App before I've told u than.
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