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Hey there my Beau's here with an awesome card yes I JUST MENTIONED DRY SKIN. We all know that oily skin doesn't need that much treatment during winter season. Buy dry skin types poor babies are suffering out there no worries NANA'S GOT YOUR BACK! here are some items for you all to use this winter season!!
These are the products i will be talking about~

Products Mentioned:

-Leaders 7 Wonders Sheet Masks
-Laneige Water Sleeping Pack
-Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack
-Leaders Baby Soft Hand Mask
-Leaders Baby Soft Foot Mask
-Air Humidifier
Should we get started? VAMONOS!


$ 6.00 USD


Oil from the Kalahari Melon, the biological ancestor of the watermelon, contains linoleic, oleic, and palmitic fatty acids to reinforce your skin’s healthy barrier function and lock in moisture.


Rough skin
Tired skin


Brightens dull & tired skin
Improves uneven skin tone
Minimizes visible dark spots
Rich in Vitamin A, C & antioxidants
Actually this mask you can find it in your nearest Sephora store or Ulta store! as we all know Korean skin care has giving us a turn here in the states!


Water Sleeping Pack


Overnight revitalizing gel mask recharges dehydrated skin while you sleep
1. Hydrates and Locks in Moisture
Contains ionized mineral water and ceramides to deliver intense doses of moisture to stressed, parched skin overnight while forming a moisturizing film over skin to lock in active ingredients from skincare treatments.
2. Brightens and Purifies
Infused with apricot and evening primrose extracts, the mask helps to gently exfoliate and brighten skin over time.
3. Soothes and Relaxes
Contains Sleepscent™, an aromatic blend of ylang ylang, rose, sandalwood oil and orange flower, to relax the body and mind, promoting deep sleep and enhancing skin’s recovery abilities.

Best Seller

Water Sleeping Mask recorded 16 million in sales since its release in 2002!
An international best seller, 1 is sold every 12 seconds worldwide.
Alright so Maria my best friend uses this awesome sleep mask let me tell you she is in love with this product, she also has dry skin so this helps her soothe that rebellious skin~

Tony Moly

Banana Sleeping Pack


Sleeping pack with banana extract giving rich nutrition while sleeping. Nutrition moisture care with chamomile extract gives honey moisture care skin. Protect skin from stress and external environment for glowing healthy skin.
This sleep mask can be found in your nearest ULTA or Korean cosmetics store!


Baby Soft Hand Mask


We often neglect the skin on our hands, so why not pamper them to this effective treatment-based hand mask to instantly moisturize, nourish and protect your them from being dry and rough, as well as the effects of aging. Formulated with vegetable extracts and snail secretion filtrate, it supplies nutrients and intense moisture to give your hands deep nourishment, hydration and vitality making them soft and supple.


Restores moisture to dry and rough hands
Essence of Aloe Vera, Beeswax, Ceramide helps to achieve baby soft hands.
Easy treatment with glove-type mask.
Fixed with patented adhesive sticker which allows you to move freely.
3-FREE system: No Benzophenone, No Artificial colorant, No Sulphate.
Paraben (preservative) Free, Mineral Oil Free, Silicon Free, Artificial Pigment (colorant) Free.
Dermatologist tested


Baby Soft Foot Mask


Don't neglect your feet and give it the occasional treatment that it deserves. Formulated with vegetable extracts, Dr Therapy Foot Mask supplies nutrients and intense hydration to give your feet deep nourishment and vitality. Reduce chances of bad odour and chapped, unsightly feet with regular use.


Moisturises rough and chapped foot with callus/dead skin
Essence of Aloe Vera, Beeswax, Ceramide helps achieve baby soft feet
Easy treatment with sock-type mask
Patented adhesive sticker which allows you to move freely
Low Irritation 3-FREE system: No Benzophenone, No Artificial colorant, No Sulphate
Paraben (preservative) Free, Mineral Oil Free, Silicon Free, Artificial Pigment (colorant) Free
Dermatologist tested
These two masks can be found in their official page , ULTA, Sephora!!


H910BL 14-Hour Nursery Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


The 14-hour PureGuardian H910BL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier guards against problems caused by dry air in the home. Unlike other machines that grow slimy mold on the water tank surface, Silver Clean Protection is embedded to fight the growth of mildew on the surface. Thanks to ultrasonic technology, it disperses a fine mist into the air and is ultra-quiet. It also works well for tabletops due to its compact size. It has a low water indicator light that lets you know when it's time to refill the water tank. A night-light feature makes it a wonderful addition to kids' rooms and nurseries. The PureGuardian 14-hour ultrasonic humidifier creates a better home environment for those suffering from colds, allergies and dry skin. The sleek design blends seamlessly with all types of decor. Since there are no evaporating pads, filters or wicks to clean or replace, maintenance is simple. You can optimize your comfort with soothing low and high cool mist settings. Place it anywhere to put moisture in the air in order to relieve congestion and dry skin.

PureGuardian H910BL 14-Hour Nursery Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier:

>The nursery humidifier uses Silver Clean Protection fights the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the water tank
>Ultrasonic Technology quietly disperses a fine mist providing relief from the dry air
>Optimize comfort with soothing low and high cool mist settings
>Compact design is ideal for your nursery or desktop and features an optional night light
>The PureGuardian 14-hour ultrasonic humidifier has no evaporating pads, filters or wicks to clean or replace
>Relives dry skin and cold symptoms
We all know that actors, artists and anyone that is Korean or Asian in general use humidifiers why because it moisturizes your skin to the max! imagine having a flawless complexion ugh NEED THIS !! ASAP you can find humidifiers anywhere to be honest.
The humidifier is suitable for all skin types!
Alright my beautiful people if you have any questions regarding your skin type feel free to comment down below! do you have any of these products if so let us know?! Make sure to to subscribe to our Kbeauty & Kfashion group! we reached our 200 subscribers we are almost in the 300 subscribers now! yay thank you for reading our cards we appreciate it! LOVE YOU ALL!
and like always stay FLAWLESS beau's ♥
Hasta la vista Beau's
Le muah Nana♥~
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I have the Tony moly Banana pack and I LOVE it. It always leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Not only that but it's super cute. Lol
I love the smell of the Tony Moly, but I found out there is something in it I'm allergic to.