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Happy Tuesday!

The next entry is ready for you guys and trust me...you are gonna love this one. Enjoyy ;)
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Hey Diary,

Usually I have nothing really exciting to tell you but today is different. Something crazy happened.
So after practicing with IU and the other girls they wanted to go get dinner again but I decided against it. No way was I going to sit through another conversation of F**k, Marry, and Kill of Kpop boy bands thank you.
They all then quickly left and I stayed in the practice room, trying to perfect the moves for the following performances in the next couple of days and that is when it happened.
I had just finished the song for the tenth time and I suddenly heard clapping behind me. I turned around and guess who I saw.
No Diary, not my little schoolgirl crush. It was the other member. The one who knew my name. Remember? I mentioned him a couple of days ago?
Anyways, I was incredibly embarrassed and wondered how long he had been there watching me. But before I could even remotely gather up the courage to ask him, he complimented my dancing skills. I was extremely flattered, especially since it came from one of my favorite idols.
I just replied with some awkward slip-up like 'Yeah, you are cool too" and he just laughed seeing how I was nervous and all. He then continued to talk to me even after that hot mess of a beginning of a conversation.
He then went into the struggles of trying to learn new dances, to performing on stage, and to not being able to eat what he wants to sometimes. (Like come on, not even instant noodles?). He was awesome to talk to Diary. I actually had an actual conversation with a living, breathing human. A man no less, considering I am a bumbling idiot when it comes to guys.
And then something even crazier happened. He asked me to teach him some moves sometime. Me. Teach him. He knew he caught me by surprise as I kind of froze. Before I could even get a chance to avoid it, he told me that he would be at the practice room at the same time tomorrow so I could go over a few steps with him.
I know what you are thinking - that I must be imagining all of this. But it is true. And I still can't believe it all happened.
He then left quickly after that, saying he had to go practice and then the awkward atmosphere reappeared once again. I bowed towards him as I thought he was leaving and he went in to hug me. I ended up hitting my head on his chest and I knew then that I messed up royally. (Like WTH ARYA). But luckily, he just laughed it off and left just as quickly as he appeared, leaving me in the practice room, dazed and embarrassed.
Anywho Diary, there you have it. I have a dance teaching session thingy with one of the B. A. P members tomorrow. I still can't believe it myself but I guess we will see how it goes. And who knows, maybe we will bond or something.
All I know is that I am excited for the first time in a while at a chance of hanging out with someone other than you Diary. No offense. (Love you :*)
Let's just hope it goes well and I don't royally screw it up again with a lame ass joke or some weird Arya crap like that.
Hope for me.

Oh my, what is going to happen tomorrow?!

And who is the member?!?!

Stay tuned ;)

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Uuuuhhh I donr even want to try guessing again cX Since I literally have no idea!!!! Also, same Arya same. I would literally be doing the same things if someone attractive talked to me!!
It first I thought the member that liked IU was Jongup but now I think the one she likes is Jongup