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My first Pokemon game was 'Pokemon Crystal Version' on the Gameboy Color. So I had a choice to pick either "Cyndaquil", "Totodile", or either "Chikorita". I got to look at them all but in the end I ended up picking Chikorita as my first starter, as well as being my first Pokemon. I still use Chikorita whenever I play a game where it's obtainable, even though there are better choices. So what was your first starter Pokemon? Comment down below! ^_^
My first Pokemon game was Pokemon red and my very first Pokemon was charmander Also I like Chikorita as well and Cyndaquil I always struggle to choose between them
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pokemon red was also my first game and i picked squirtle but after that i just fell in love with grass types
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my first was pokemon yellow, so... yea... nothing else but pikachu
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my first was sapphire and I found the best ever treeko however now the best in my opinion is treeko closely followed by litten
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