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Boys Over Flowers is the ultimate Kdrama classic, and despite its over-the-top plot, (remember that whole episode dedicated to them participating in rich boy competitions, including race car driving? Who does that?!) I have very few complaints. However, with the much-anticipated high school drama Heirs coming out in a month, I have given some thought as to what the producers of this similar drama should avoid to make it even better. 1.Bad Hair Guess what is one of the main attractions that Heirs and Boys Over Flowers have in common! That’s right, it’s Lee Min Ho. No one can deny that he’s a hottie with a body, but I have to admit that I was not initially attracted to him in BOF, and that’s mainly due to his curly hair. It just doesn’t suit him! I’m very pleased to see that in the behind the scenes Heirs photos he has some nice hair going on. In second place for bad hair is Jan Di. Let’s hope that Park Shin Hye isn't sporting a bowl cut under the bandana she's wearing in these on-set photos! 2. Weird Costumes Ok, I know that BOF is based on a manga and the costume designers were probably just trying to be true to the story, but let’s be real; no guy really looks good in fur capes and ascots! I’m feeling pretty optimistic that the costume designers of Heirs will keep things classy on the California set. 3. Amnesia Boys Over Flowers pretty much utilized every romantic comedy plot device that ever existed, including several near-drownings, surprise engagements, and kidnappings. These are all fun and endearing, but just as I thought we could get past it and on to the good stuff, they had to throw in amnesia. Ugh! I really hope the writers don’t get lazy on this one and throw in a little amnesia to spice things up! 4. Poorly Done Makeovers Jan Di has the opportunity to undergo several makeovers in BOF and not one is satisfactory! It appears that Jun Pyo has bad taste for a rich, and supposedly stylish, guy. I mean, just check out the salad bowl dress he gave her to wear to the island. Not cute! Heirs is bound to have better makeovers for our poor heroine, Cha Eun Sung. 5. Second Male Lead Ending Up Alone Poor, poor Ji Hoo! He’s the nicest, cutest, most endearing second male lead that ever existed in Kdrama world, and they had to go and leave him rejected and all alone in the end. Tell me why they couldn’t just throw him a bone and introduce a love interest for him! The writers of Heirs better not build up a fantastic second male lead just to rip our hearts out by leaving him in the dust. What other things from Boys Over Flowers would you rather not see in Heirs? What things do you hope to see?