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Paring: Namjoon x Reader x Hoseok Genre: Angst? Part: 4/? Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5 Part 6 Hoseok's P.O.V He walked out to his car with his head hung low mentally beating him self up for kissingย  (Y/N) when he know she was at such a low place. He had thought for a moment she was kissing him back but she had pushed him away so maybe it was just his imagination. He sighed as he got into his car and drove home. Once he pulled into the drive way he walked into the house taking off his shoes. Walking into the living room the first person he saw was Namjoon by the entrance. As soon as he saw him his anger flared and he couldn't control himself and decked Namjoon hard in the jaw. Namjoon stumbled back and looked at him wide eyed. "What the fuck Hoseok?" Namjoon looked at him trying to figure out what he had done. "You know damn straight why you bastard! How dare you cheat on (Y/N) again." Hoseok growled at him. "Ha, why are you getting so worked up over her? She's nothing but a nobody." Namjoon shouted at him sounding defensive. That was it, Hoseok tackled him and started throwing punches at his face. Namjoon after a brief moment of shock started to fight back pushing Hoseok off him and punching him square in the jaw. Soon the two of them were bruised and bleeding. The other boys had run down the stairs at the commotion prying them apart from each other. After a moment of them being pulled apart Yoongi was the first one to break the silence "What the fuck is going on between you two?" ย "Namjoon cheated on (Y/N) again and just said that she was nothing but a nobody." Hoseok spat out angrily. Jin looked back and forth between the two boys with disappoint in his eyes. While the other boys all looked at Namjoon in shock, none of them knew he had been cheating on her again so it took them by surprise. "Whats there to be surprised about its only true, I mean come on now I can't be the only one who thinks this." Namjoon stated confidently. "What's wrong with you? How could you say that? (Y/N) is like family, how can you say she's a nobody? Just the other day you were talking about what you had planned for you anniversary and how excited you were. What the hell has happened since then?" Taehyung was the first to respond. Namjoon scoffed at Taehyung and pulled himself free of Jungkook and Jimin who had been holding him back. He pushed his way through the boys glaring daggers are Hoseok. "Hey, we're not done yet here!" Hoseok yelled at him trying to break free of Taehyung grasp causing Taehyung just to tighten his hold. Namjoon walked up stairs and slammed the door to what Hoseok thought would have had to be his room. Taehyung let go of Hoseok once the door slammed. Hoseok was still pissed and started to pace back in forth in the living room trying to calm himself down. "He's being such an ass, what in the world is going on with him. I don't understand how he can do such a thing." Jungkook said out of nowhere. It somehow managed to slightly lighten Hoseoks mood and he looked at the younger boy and nodded in agreement with him and glares at the top of the stairs for any sight of Namjoon. "Uhh sorry about all of that... when I saw him I couldn't control my rage and uh yeah..." Hoseok said rubbing the back of his neck finally calming down some. With a nod of approval and the situation dissolved the other boys start to break away going back to what they had been doing prior to the fight breaking out. "Uh Jin.. can I uh talk to you? Alone?" Hoseok asked sounding nervous. "Of course you can, let's go up to my room." Jin said as he started lead in the way up the stairs. Hoseok followed behind him. Once in Jins room Hoseok closed and locked the door. "Jin I think I messed up?" Hoseok said starting to pace again. "What do you mean? With what happened down stairs? That was just as much his mess up as yours." Jin said sitting on his bed crossing his legs. "No, no no not with that, he deserved that for what he did but... I... I kissed (Y/N) before leaving her place, I don't now what to do... I feel like she was kissing me back but at the same time she pushed me away. I feel like I just messed up our friendship." Hoseok spoke quickly trying to get it all out in one breath. "Wait a minute, you kissed (Y/N)?" Jin asked in disbelief. Hoseok nodded "I also kind of confessed to her... I finally told her that I loved her but right now I just feel so conflicted.. like I should have waited but I couldn't stop myself." Jin looked at him with understanding eyes and sighed. "You really are stupid aren't you? You do realize that (Y/N) liked you way before her and Namjoon got together right? Those feelings could still be there but give her time, hell they haven't even officially broken up yet. Give her some room but also be there for her by being her rock to lean on. I know it'll hurt to watch her hurting but you need to let her heal first at her own rate." Hoseok looked at him in surprise, and thought to himself 'wait (Y/N) liked me? How did I not ever notice.' As he mentally face palmed himself. "Thank you Jin, sometimes I wonder what I'd do with out you." Hoseok looked at the older with gratitude. "Run around like a chicken with its head cut off." Jin said laughing at his own joke earning a smile from Hoseok. "Well I think I'm going to call it a night. Again thank you so much." Hoseok said starting for the door. "Hoseok." Jin said causing him to turn back and look at him. "Please try to avoid Namjoon for a while, I know it'll be hard seeing as you live together but I think you both need sometime apart. Also I'm going to try talking to him. Something seems wrong with him." Jin said to him and he nodded in agreement as he walked out the room. He walked down to his room locking the door and laid down trying to fall asleep trying to keep you out of his head but your crying face kept passing through his mind. After several hours of trying to fall asleep he gave up and decided to go on a run wishing it wasn't after 2 am because all he wanted to do was dance out his frustrations. He quickly got changed in his running cloths grabbed his phone and headphones and walked out of the house. He had started at a slow pace but ended up in a full blown run at top speed. He soon realized that the direction he had ran in was towards your apartment because he soon saw them in his line of sight. He slowed down and stood outside of (Y/N) building taking a quick break. After a couple of minutes he took off at top speed towards the way in which he had come. He ran for another hour before ending up back at home. He quietly walked in side and went back up stairs. He quickly took a shower to clean off his sweat. By the time he was done and changed it had been 4 am. He sighed and laid back down looking up at ceilings. The run had exhausted him making it easy for him to finally drift off to sleep.
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I honestly was questioning for the last couple of days if I wanted to use Hoseok's P.O.V or if I just wanted to keep it between (Y/N) and Namjoon but I honestly think this may have been my part so far. Also please don't hate me for this being a bit of a shorter part.
omgosh hobi and Joonie fight!! that was intense, Joonie had it coming. I'm starting to wonder what's going on with him to make him act like this. and wow! Jin knew! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ of course Jin eomma knows all ๐Ÿ˜Š loved it! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™