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Have you ever looked at a pile of leaves and thought about childhood memories? Things like tossing them into the sky and jumping into the piles of leaves. As an adult with children, I often find myself thinking more seriously. I catch myself thinking about all the work behind raking those leaves. The smell of the autumn leaves brought my mind back to years of my youth, yet my mature mind hindered that moment of excitement.
I am constantly reminding myself to stay positive. When I focus on the good and happy moments in life, I can find myself being so much more of a productive and positive person. This is regardless of what I'm doing or where I am. This is why I escape reality by going outdoors and enjoying this beautiful earth. Even if I'm not leaving my country or my province, or my region. There is always somewhere I haven't been, even if I've been there before. Provincial Parks and Trails. Communities, villages, and ghost towns. I'm always searching to find something new and exciting. Something to share with my children. And adventure. Time away from technogy. Peace. Prosperity. Positivity.
There are many bridges I am yet to cross. But I look forward to crossing them and finding out what's on the other side. Life is too short not to enjoy it.