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kkkkkkkkk Kangin-ee kkkkkkk splash kkkkkkk (landed on his) back kkkkkkkkkk Kang back kkkkkkkkkkk (7 hours ago) I sent "you ^-^ fans told me the picture you sent me has been online since long ago^-^" and he replied "really, hyung? dehet~" and sent me a new picture ^-^ Sunggyu love Heenim love enlarge the picture yourselves and see Sunggyu's picture (7 hours ago) The weather is gloomy today, and my mood is gloomy too.. I asked Sunggyu for a picture and he gave me this, so I said "Isn't this online already? If you are caught selling drugs to me, you will be D zim*" and he told me it isn't online yet. I like Henry, and I also like Sunggyu.. But I like Lee Donghae's teary eyes the best. Ah, I miss you Simon Dㅠㅠ *He means like "If you are lying do me, I will make you regret it" kkkk (10 hours ago)