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Off to my bed with myself I carry my soul, my body and my thoughts . It's not really I love taking them with myself to the bed, but I am helpless at this.We humans having the most developed brains unfortunately have the most undeveloped hearts. Emotions tear us apart. Thus Laying down the bed, when the lights get off and the eyes close, a motion of a series starts. Anger, love, heartbreaks, sorrows, happiness all starting to revolve .It's sometimes the emotions giving you a hard time or the happiness alluring your mind .Things get tough when the heart gets involved, everyone has a story to die for or to cry for .Life certainly is about so many things to cherish about but also to cry about. Slowly going into an universe when you start believing ,the STUFF THAT SHOULD BE HAPPENING TO YOU .A direction less movie playing in your mind which really amuses you , something to feel happy about .At the same time slowing giving out the control to the brain falling into peaceful sleep .Really it's a beautiful world .❤