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Then there are times where I would stare at an empty street. I would wonder about the faint footsteps left by the strangers that walked upon it. The emotions they were feeling while threading upon the pavements. The adventures they started with every step they took. I would wonder about their stories. The seconds, minutes, hours, that made up the moments of their lives that lead to the exact moment that they crossed the point where I am at right now. I would wonder about the wounds and scars there are carrying. Littered in their bodies, tattooed in their souls. I would wonder about the strangers, the people who in I walked with in the streets who unknowingly altered my steps. The people of the past, who somehow made a detour in my path. The people of the present, the bricks of the road to that beyond yet to be unraveled. I would stare at an empty street and wonder that maybe the beyond we are yet to unravel, the path we are yet to take, the destination we are meant to be in is already walking among us. Taking steps as we make ours.
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I love this. I know exactly what u mean. I do this all the time. exactly the way its described is what I do and think. its amazing lol.