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Soda is something that pretty much everyone loves. Everyone does have their own preference of what type, but it's something almost everyone drinks. It's not good for your body though! Especially if you're like me with no self control and end up drinking two 2 liters by yourself... true story. Here are 7 reasons why soda should be cut out of your diet!-Or at least be controlled within your diet. And I'm totally not doing 7 reasons because NCT 127 has 7 members...

1. Empty Calories

Soda is just empty calories! They have no benefits for you. It's just you stacking sugar upon sugar inside you that is way above how much you're supposed to have.

2. Energy

Soda isn't a light drink like water or tea-it's heavy. It just sits there and it weighs your body down. That's why it's hard to get up sometimes after drinking soda, it's just heavy on your stomach. Without it, you have more energy!

3. Weight Gain

Drinking soda leads to obesity-even the diet ones. Even though those say 'Diet' and are zero calories, they have TONS of sugar; in some cases, more than the original. All that sugar stores as fat. If you're trying to lose weight, sodas are gonna have to be eliminated.

4. Teeth Stains

Dark soda such as Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Rootbeer have been shown to leave dark spots on your teeth which aint cute. And if you're thinking "I'll just drink Sprite instead," think again. All sodas have a lot of acid in them which means its taking away that nice tooth enamel that has your teeth looking all white and shiny.

5. Cancer

Drinking too much soda, which is definitely my problem, is actually linked to pancreatic cancer. Learning that scared the crap out of me. I aint trying to die.
6. Stroke Risk Soda also increases your risk of stroke, if you drink too much. The occasional one isn't the issue in this case, just drinking it all the time, like me. I can't have that risk increase. What if I want to go skydiving when I'm 60?

7. Bloating

Bloating is not where it's at. No girl looks in the mirror and thinks "Wow, this bloating really makes my face glow!" Salt does this too by the way! With this, it's all the sugar that's doing it.
I hope you learned some things! If you think of any other reasons why soda is a no no, comment them so others know too!

Question of the card:

How often do you drink soda?
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I've replaced soda with Kombucha. It's full of probiotics and it's much better for us than soda. Now, I'm making my own 😀 Great article though.
Thank you and that's a good substitute!