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While Jin is gone...
wouldn't Jin comeback more muscular then? More manly rather than a princess?? or both combined.... pc to owner.
Oh Man~ How is RapMon gonna survive while Jin is gone. How will he take care of the kids while the wife is not there?! pc to owner
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Jin: don't forget to tuck in kookie..and don't put too much salt in the food...oh and don't let Hobi watch that movie it's too scary for him. joon: I got it I got it...
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@Namjoonsbutt it reminds me of this one gif of when he comes back from the reality show
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Oml who is going to feed the children
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Oh thank goodness 😅
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I'm still thinking about Yoongi having take out on speed dial. The minute he hears Namjoon he already has like dominoes ringing lmao
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