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Okay Guys, I have to tell you all something that's been on my chest a while. @TwistedPuppy Made a Card about this Issue, and I thought I would Come out and say it too.

Vingle is Just not the Same anymore.

Please don't hate on me for saying this, but it's just not really the same as it was when I joined. I don't know, When I first joined, we were all So close with one another, and We always had our chats, and It felt like we could Fangirl/Fanboy to get freely, but in the Past few months, I've noticed that Vingle has changed. I feel like I can't Write about anything without offending someone. It feels like on Vingle, I'm limited to How many Groups I can bias, or How many Biases I'm allowed to have, or What I can Write about. And Don't worry, I'm not Pointing fingers at Anyone at all, it's just that I miss the Family vibe I used to get here. But I don't ever regret Joining Vingle though because I Met the Greatest Friend I've Ever had on Vingle, and I care for all of you guys very Dearly. Always Remember, I Love you guys very much.
To be honest, For a While, I blamed myself, and I thought that Nobody really wanted anything to do with me anymore because My Ultimate bias Changed. Or the fact that I have two Ultimate biases now. I promise you guys, I haven't changed. The only thing about me that has changed are the posters on my wall. I'm still Erin. I may have a new UB now, but I'm still me. I still Love Ravi very Much, and I'm Still a Starlight.

All that I'm really Trying to say is...

I Miss everyone...I miss Fangirling with all of you, I miss the Laughs we all had together, I miss the Unity that used to be here, I miss A lot of people that were on here when I joined, but aren't on here anymore, and most of all...I miss my Family. 😢 I Love All of you guys so much, and I just miss The way Vingle Used to be.

Tagging my Twin: @P1B2Bear Tagging My Friends: @Junhwanbae92 @imiebegay14 @AmberRelynn @KiinLyr @salo @Eli20 @JackieG1617 @jjrockstar @Namjoonsbutt @LoverofKpop Let me know if you would like to be added to my Taglist.
Honestly, i really really love your cards, you can feel how genuinely happy or excited or even concerned you are in your cards. ♡ Continue to fangirl to your hearts content about who ever and whatever you want ♡ Sadly im a pretty introverted person so i dont always reachout to people so i feel so bad reading about how l everyone used to talk to eachother and stuff and how to myself i am. But like i said, i hope you continue to fangirl and not care about what others think! I'll continue loving and reading your cards!! ♡♡♡♡
Aw, Thank you so much! That is so Sweet of you to say. I always love reading your Cards too. 💖
you do you and post whatever you like. if they don't like it they can gtfo.
You're so right. Thank you. 😊
I know I'm late to seeing this card, but I totally agree with you.... I feel like I don't freely talk to my friends or fangirl on here anymore and that the relationships and conversations I used to have isn't there anymore. I don't know what it EXACTLY is... I can't seem to pinpoint it. 😣😣
That's exactly howI feel too. Something about it just isn't the same anymore. 😢
we should try and make vingle like it was before
I agree. 😊
I'm really sorry you've received negativity over changing biases and feel like you can't post what you want. Since joining Vingle, my UB has changed from GD to Ravi (it was seriously traumatic and I never thought it was possible). There was a period of time where Ravi shared the top spot with Jimin and now he shares it with Yoseob. I have also seen my bias group change (again, very traumatic) but that means I found the musical loves of my life. I've never felt as though I needed to hide these things from my Vingle family. In fact, I turned to Vingle for comfort and fanfirling as I was going through these transitions. As international fans, we are pretty lucky in the fact that we can be multi-fandom and bias as many idols as we like. In Korea, fans can only belong to one fandom. They must devote themselves to that one group or artist. If their bias group changes, they actually have to leave the original fandom completely and cannot show any outward favor towards the old group. So be proud of your biases and the groups you love. Post whatever you want and as the previous comments have said, any haters can f**k off!
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Yeah, I always love getting into new groups, and learning about the members. 😄 And Thank you for the invitation. I would love to join the Community, and Fall deeper into the Fandom. 😄
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