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Okay I know I haven't posted about Mystic Messenger in a while... I've been busy. Heck I have posted anything in a LONGGGG time. Trying to find a different job... Traveling... Getting pissed at MM for not letting me go back to my own time zone because of traveling.... ANYWAYS I finished Jaehee's route and to be honest it... was so... boring. Of course I got the good ending because I'ma smooth talker like that~ xD Now I'm on to Jumin's route and got damn... like HOT DAMN hot damn. Now I know why @trustfundkid went from watermage to trust fund kid LOL Man is crazy sexy when he opens up to you...
I mean like in the phone call after this incident I was like oml hot damn... hot damn hot damn... OF COURSE YOU CANT FOCUS AFTER SAYING THAT JUMIN!!! Now I know why that meme Once you Jum-in you can't Jum-out is around like seriously >-> Man almost sounds kinky without even trying x....x
Don't get me wrong Zen and Yoosung are sweeties but they ain't got nothin on Jumin... I mean I also have to do Seven's route still but I'm really liking Jumin's route right now lol
I'm finished with every route besides Jaehee's so IM PISSED but like it's not going to be exciting as I thought it would be. Also I DID JUMINS LAST BECAUSE HE IS DAD- i mean the sweetest. 😂✨💓
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Oh yes I know~ Total keeper! Plus Hyun is just putting the crap he feels for his brother on poor Jumin. I seriously LOVE being with Jumin. Man is sooo kawaii with his feeling sometimes! Just adore being with him!
I kinda like jaehee's route because I can relate on a few things like being stressed and fangirling
yeah, it was a bit refreshing compared to the others; just a bit uneventful...
same, I just finished Jaehee, and I was a bit underwhelmed... I'm on Day 2 of deep story, aiming for Jumin, so looks like I'm in for a good time!
I miss playing it so much but I gotta wait til I get a new phone with more space TT-TT
Oml that happened to me too! I had to remove so many different apps I wasn't using until I got my new phone... now I have a lot of space XD I'm loving it lol