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KDRAMA First Kiss For The Seventh Time 첫키스만 일곱번째
New Web KDrama ""First kiss for the 7th time"" or "7th first kiss"Press conference!
In "First Kiss for the Seventh Time", Min Soo Jin (actress Lee Choi Hee), who has never had a boyfriend in her life. However, it all change when she meets a goddess played by (actress Choi Ji Woo) that will get her the opportunity to meet seven very "Handsome" guys: Lee Jun Ki, Park Hae Jin, Ji Chang Wook, Kai, Taecyeon, Lee Jong Suk, and Lee Min Ho.


SAD NEWS is We DON'T have a release date yet!!!
Seeing the list of the 7 male actors!!!... I feel I am going to have "nose bleed" all the way till the end of this web drama!!
Lee Jong Suk as
A top Hallyu Star
Lee Min Ho as
TBA (Unknown!!!!)
Lee Joon Gi as
A church Oppa!!!
Ji Chang Wook as
A Sexy!!! secret agent
Kai as
A younger guy that used to get Chinese tutoring, but coolly returned to Soo Jin
Taecyeon as
The son of a chaebol who sacrifices for love
Park Hae Jin as
A romantic coworker
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to be release on Dec the 5th😍😍😍😍
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