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Okay so clearly I can't try to be more involved in the community by getting to know people in diffrent areas away from vingle because my cards will get reported. Thus is kinda really stupid I did the exact same thing with unision lueage and I didn't get reported for that but now that it's a more popular game I'll get reported? I was not advertising I was trying to get people to join my clan on clash royals so that I could have some members to talk to and help them and them help me. (If you want to join it's called "Otaku 115") It was not spam because I did not send it to anyone I simply posted it in a community where you COULD see it I did not send it to anyone.. I could see it being removed from the anime or manga community but the fan art there was fsn art on it it is a game and a mobile game so there is no reason for it to get removed from those communitys. I can just about garuntee there are multiple irrelevant cards in the top 100 most recent cards
Now it's relevant to all community's I post this in Tokyo ghoul: Anime & Manga Mine craft: Mobile game & Game Mine craft skin: Fan made art
I bet this will get reported.
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I don't know why they would need to report your cards.
cards being reported is dumb
@SimplyAwkward what do you mean super tag list
@AnimeFreak484 it was way back when I was making a tag list for each thing I post (kpop, anime, memes, etc ) and someone reported it from the fan art, kpop and anime community
the same thing happened to one of my cards in a bunch of communities as well 😕
@SimplyAwkward wow there should have to be like 25-50 reports to even be checked out
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and I want to be sub leader again if that's fine by u