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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome my lovely Storias. Life's a mess but here's part 2 if you played the results of part 1 here. It continues with whomever you ended up engaged with Yay!! Hope you enjoy. Scenario: You and your fiancé either host or are invited to a big Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of History members. Let's see how interesting it shall be lol.
Thanksgiving host (if fiancé means your place)
Bought the turkey
Brought the burnt dish
Helps set the table
Too "busy" to help
These two sit next to you (make sure 2 different guys)
Tries to make a move under the table *_*
Winks at you from across the table smh
First to give thanks
First to eat Rude lol
First to finish
Helps clean up with you
Decides to smooch you as a thanks
Hugs you longer than expected
Confesses once again to you
Did you accept?