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so, From What I've Noticed, Sometimes all of us tend to pick up habits based on who our biases are. Here are some of the habits I have noticed that I've picked up Since Namjoon has become my UB.

1. I never Call him Rap Monster.

It just seems too formal to me, and I feel way too Close to him to call him by his Stage name. sometimes, I even have a Hard time calling him Namjoon. usually, I just call him Joonie, Joonbug, Joonie B. Jones, Jamboy, Moni, Mon Mon, Stuff like that. I only Call him Rap monster about 5% of the time when I talk about him.

2. I'm Overly Protective of him.

being Namjoon Biased, we All know what a Clumsy boy he can be. Sometimes I just want to Take a Giant roll of Bubble wrap and wrap him in it. then I guess that would make him "Wrap Monster." like for example: let's say that he's on the V-Live app and he Grabs a Pair off scissors, I'll usually be like "WHAT IS HE DOING!?!? HE CAN'T DO THAT ALL BY HIMSELF! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HIM!!!" and I act that way because He's Constantly getting hurt, Breaking his fingers, and Falling down, Cutting himself by accident. and another example is When Someone insults him, and calls him Ugly. Honestly though, I think that Everyone Feels this way if Anyone's Bias gets insulted. It just Makes me so angry if anyone insults him because he's My precious Baby. It just breaks my Heart how unappreciated he is because He's so Sweet, and I love him so Much.

3. He's the First Monster I think of.

what I mean by this is everytime I hear the Word "Monster," He's always first to come to my mind. for example: one time, Someone was picking on me, and said "Goodnight, Hope there are no Monsters under Your bed." and then I was thinking secretly in my Mind "I sure do." ;) Haha! Seriously though, When I hear somebody call someone a Monster as an Insult, I'm like "Don't Insult Joonie like that!"

4. I hate hearing him Cuss.

He's Just my Baby, and I don't like hearing bad Language come out of my Baby. he's Just too cute to be using that kinda Language. I Love him Dearly, but when he Cusses, I just want to wash that boy's Mouth out with soap. lol

5. "You Got no Jams" is the Greatest Insult Ever.

like for instance, My Mom once said "Erin, You Got no Jams!" and I'm like "Oh, I've got Jams! My Husband is the Jam King!" and then my Mom responds "He's got no Jams!" and I jump up from the Table, and Shout "TAKE THAT BACK!!!" lol

6. I think He's Adorable no Matter what.

No matter what he wears, How he dresses, what his hairstyle looks like, I'm Gonna think he's Adorable no matter what. he's just so Cute

7. His Dimples are to Die For!

okay, I will say this, I have dimples too. and Before he Became my Bias, I Hated my Dimples, That was one of the things I hated about myself. I saw how cute they looked on him, and my Mom told me "You're Kids are Going to Have Dimples because You have Dimples and So does Namjoon." lol but after he became my bias, I didn't hate My Dimples anymore.

8. He Infires me to Study more.

Namjoon: *Clears Throat*
Me: What?
Namjoon: It's Not Infires, It's INSPIRE.
Me: whatever, Mr. Smarty Pants!
AS I WAS SAYING *Sticks Tongue out at Namjoon* He's so Smart that that it's Like he Encourages me to study Harder, and try to do better with school. He Really Inspires me. Namjoon: *Raises Eyebrows at me*
me: Don't Give me that look! I said it right!
Namjoon: *Nods his Head* that's my Girl.

9. I love hearing Him speak English.

I know He's Fluent in English, but...I JUST LOVE HEARING HIM SPEAK ENGLISH!!! it Feels as good as Hearing his Voice for the First time, and his English is So beautifully Spoken.

10. I always Quote him.

I always Go around saying things like: "Eoseowa, Bangtaneun Cheoumiji?" "You Got No Jams" "Hey! BURN IT UP!" and a lot more. I have some of his Quotes as my Ringtones. lol.

What are some habits that You Guys have Picked up from Your Bias? You can Let me know in the comments. have a Great Night, You guys.

Soon, I'm Gonna make a Card called "10 things I do because I'm Yongguk Biased." since he's also my UB.
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my bias Hoseok is a big ball of sunshine so whenever I hear someone call me a ball of sunshine at work I get all giggly I also never call him by his stage name and I get so mad when someone says he's not as attractive and the other members like let's be honest forehead Hobi and any Hobi is really attractive! Plus the boy has moves and he's our Hope even when he's having a hard time
Aw, I don't think that any of the Members of BTS are ugly. They're all Very Attractive guys. Honestly, What is Ugly about J-Hope? He's an adorable ball of sunshine. Yeah, I'm Very Defensive of My Joonie. I get Angry when someone says he's not attractive because He's So Gorgeous. His Beautiful Smile, his Eyes, his Lips, his Dimples...oh, Sorry, I Drifted off into Fangirling land again. 馃槀馃槀馃槀
I feel you, I don't say Rap Monster anymore either. I call him Namjoon or Joonie. I agree with Wrap Monster and I can't stand it when people can here's ugly like stfu he's majestic af 馃憣馃徎馃憣馃徎馃憣馃徎 tbh I'm the same way with the cussing. I don't like it when he cusses or any of my babies cuss but I do it so often and I have to remind myself that many people talk like that weather they speak English or not. My mom hates when I do that so I'm trying to stop. I like what you mom said to you about your dimples.
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That is too cute!
I feel like you got no jams is the ultimate insult for any army, regardless of bias status 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Joonie is my bias as well and I have the exact same Habits as you!! I love Joonie so very much!