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So, seeing three cards so far one by @twistedPuppy, one by @SimplyAwkward, and one by @YongRaviZiMon I've come to this card. It's true things have changed, and it's no fun anymore.
Vingle has changed. I see it change everyday. People fighting over who should win and who shouldn't or this group is better than this group. It's really sad to see. I came here a year ago and it was never like this before. I see so many cards about only a few groups that are underrated and groups that are higher up. The main big one being BTS as a higher rate. I see more cards about BTS than VIXX, MAMAMOO, SF9, INFINITE, etc. That's part of the reason it's no fun to me anymore. The other reason being the fighting never stops. It's mostly EXO L and ARMY'S fighting. It's causing an effect to everyone here on Vingle. It's absolutey sadding to see that. I don't think theres a day I haven't seen a card with people arguing. At this time of year it's terrible. Award shows are here and they are messing with people. It causes more issues than daily life itself. I can't stand seeing so much fighting. Maybe that's why I'm not as active as I should be. I just wish Vingle would be the same again.
Vingle kpop community is a place where people who love kpop no matter what group or types of cards they make should be treated with respect. You can't spell "community" without "unity" I agree with @SimplyAwkward , fanwars need to stop.
So what are YOU going to do? If you what to change something time is better spent discussing ideas then reasons and blame. Let's hear some respectful, insightful, original ideas.
Then people need to change Vingle again....
yeah it is true that the fan wars got to stop
I say we should make more cards with other idols. I made some cards that I would have never done, but I tried it and was surprised in how many people liked my card. I say that is what we should do to make it better.
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