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This is for the @PrettieEmm for winning the bias week * I know it's late, and not that great but hey.* I hope you like it em....
“ Noona.” His velvety voice stirred my peaceful slumber as his arms tightened around me. “ Noona wake up.” He purred below my ear softly kissing along my neck. “ Mmmm Chann I'm sleepy..” I moaned pushing him away slightly. “ Noona wake up and play with me.” He chuckled quickly pinning me underneath him as a smirk danced on his lips. “ Chan.” I mumbled slowly glancing at his dark chocolate brown playful eyes. “ I need sleep dork.” I giggled throwing my arms around his neck. “ And I need love from my favorite person in the world.” He smirked as his face slowly inched closer towards mine. “ You always have my love dork.” I reluctantly caved as his lips lightly fell onto mine. “ Now that your awake.” He chuckled against my lips slightly pulling away. “ You should join me in the kitchen.” He erupted with laughter jumping out of bed, and running into the other room before I could even breath a word. “ Jung Chanwoo!!!” My screams echoed through out the house along with his laughter. Fuming I quickly jumped out of bed heading towards the kitchen only freeze as I reached the door. Unable to believe what was before my eyes as small gasp escaped my lips . For scattered over the entire floor were rose petals heading towards the kitchen. “ Chan what exactly is going on here?” I questioned slowly making my way down the hall. “ Just hurry Noona.” He chuckled loudly. With one last deep breath I walked into the kitchen only to gasp loudly as my hand quickly covered my mouth. “ Chan you didn't?!” I choked still not believing what I was seeing. “ Happy Anniversary Noona.” He beamed proudly towards the table full of my favorite foods along with flowers. “ I know I wasn't here for our actual one, but I wanted to show you just what you mean to me Noona.” He smiled taking hold of my hand. “ I got you this.” He mumbled as his face flushed no longer able to look towards me as he placed a box in my hand. “ I know I am gone a lot, and can't always be there when you need me. This is my promise to you.” He mumbled as I opened the box to find the most breath taking pair of promise rings with our initials carved into them. “ I love you Noona.” He beamed pulling me into his arms gazing deeply into my eyes. “ I am so lucky to have you in my life.” He gushed seconds before his lips crashed into mine taking my breath away once again.
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OMG I LOVE IT!! I SAVED IN ALL MY COLLECTION.. IM MAKING A PRIVATE ONE JUST SO i can keep it forever.. idk why I was yelling but ahhh Thank you so much Sam 💜😘😘😘😘
awwwwwwwwwww that was sooo sweet!!!!