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Chapter 5 ************* I was in the library looking over the board that had all the information that was in the folder. The past two weeks I have ran into the lady. Everytime, she ends up escaping me. The others that my brothers hunt say that their in the same clan.  But what clan could it be. I asked the council but they didn't give me any answer. How helpful are they. "AREUM!!!!" I heard a scream coming from down stairs. I set the mug in my hand on the table. I didn't want to rush so I took my time walking down the stairs to see the family greeting each other. When Areum caught my eye. I froze in my spot. She was a fledgling, Leo must have turned her when they were gone. "Butler Lee?" Hongbin questioned. "Yes Master Hongbin it is I" he said to Hongbin. Hongbin rushed to hug the middle age man as they all took turns. I stood back letting them greet each other, not wanting to ruin their family reunion. Nisha came up to me and pulled me by the wrist. "Lei how are you doing?" Areum asked me as she hugged me. I stood still but returned the hug. "I'm doing well Areum, how was your trip?" I pulled back to smile at her. "It was a great trip, we had so much fun." She said smiling at Leo. Her red eyes twinkled at Leo with so much love. I envied her because I wanted someone to look at me like that.  "Shouldn't you be getting ready to go out?" Ravi asked in my ear with his breath fanning on my neck. His cologne smelled good, I looked up to see that his face was inches away from me. My breath hitches and I stared into his eyes.  "I'll be accompany you tonight." he said stepping away from me and walked out of the room. I stood there with my mind clouded. It wasn't until Areum and Nisha's giggling brought me back to my senses.  "What?" I asked them as they smiled and shook their heads. I rolled my eyes and followed after Ravi. I was curious as to why Ravi wanted to join me tonight on hunting for that lady. I quickly ran up to Ravi's and I room and got my equipment. Placing my glock in the gun hostler under my shoulder with my jacket over it and my stake and the extra ammo on my hip. I ran my hands in my hair and took a deep breath. to be honest I was nervous about having Ravi on my side as we hunt the lady. I quickly made it back down stairs to the front door. Ravi was standing in the moonlight. He was dressed in all black, like I was. He was looking out at the sky with his hands in his pockets. When I stepped next to him to look up at the stars, I could feel his eyes on me. In the corner of my eye, I could see his smirk.  "Shall we go?" His husky voice made goosebumps shiver down my body. I coughed to clear my throat before looking at him. I nod my head and he nod his head for me to lead the way. Walking in the streets left us in an awkward silence. I could hear his and my foot steps walk against the cement road. There wasn't any car passing by so it was nice to walk in the middle of the street.  "Ravi?" I spoke up as I waited for him to respond to me. "Wonshik" he replied. I stopped walking and looked at him with a confuse face.  "Pardon?" "My birth name is Wonshik. I want you to call me Wonshik." I was astound by his comment to me. He wanted me to use his birth name instead of his other nickname. He rubbed the nap of his neck as he cleared his throat and looked away. Did he really trust me or was he just trying to be nice to me. From what I heard was that Nisha and Areum didn't call their mates name until it was close to their mating. Did Ravi really want to mate with me? "Nevermind forget that I said anything." he muttered and started walking off again. He left me standing there, watching him walking off. I bite lip as I watched the way he walked. I couldn't help but felt myself getting hot for him. I wanted him really bad, even these weeks that have passed by, my body couldn't help but want to have him touch all over me. I ran after him and wrapped my arms round his midsection.  "I would do anything to get close to you, for you to love me. I don't care if your a monster or not, I will love... no I do love you, Wonshik." I told him as I buried my face in his back. I could feel him peeling me off him as he slowly turn to face me. I looked at him in his now pitch black eyes. I didn't notice that I had tears running down my cheek when he wiped them away with his thumb.  "I would be a liar if I told you I don't feel the same way."  "A beautiful liar at that." I said. I was calmed and collect but also on alert that he even if he was in his monster form that I would be able to do something to him if he snapped. He chuckled and gave a smirk.  "Yes a beautiful liar." I smiled at him and got on my tiptoes as he leaned down and pressed his lips onto mine. His lips taste so sweet. My arms wrapped around his neck as we both try to get close to each other. When we parted, I was left breatheless. I looked into his eyes and smiled. I softly glide my thumb over his lip before pulling him back to me and giving him a small peck on his lips.  His eyes shinned bright as he held my hand and turned to led the way down the street again. But what we weren't  expecting was my brothers standing there. "What are you guys doing here?" I asked. They all seemed to glare at Wonshik. Wonshik shifted under their glares. His hand held on to mine tight. "We were hunting." Cory said as he gripped his archery bow in a tight grip. I could see his knuckles whitening from the grip. "What about the two of you?" He asked as I stayed calm to answer his question. I didn't want a family fight in the middle of the street. "We're hunting." "Are you sure? Looks more like a love fest to me." Hui said snarling the words as he glared at both Wonshik and I. I really couldn't win with my brothers. Most of them probably hate me for leaving them behind to be with a vampire but all I could do was still love them. "What a nice family reunion" a high pitch girl voice said coming from the shadows. The muscles in my back stiffened to the voice as I heard the soles of her shoes walk on the pavement of the road. "So we meet again my lovely huntress. I see we have family and lover with you today." She giggled and showing a smile. You could barely see it because of the hood on her head but I knew it was there. "Can we continue our little game tonight or would you rather continue when your less busy with other activities." She said. I was getting annoyed by her high pitch voice. "We'll finish this right now." I took out my stake and twirled it in my hand as I stepped closer to her. She used her super speed and giggled while starting her daily routine. "Ring around the rosie, A pocket full of posies, Ashes Ashes we all fall down." One by one, my brothers, Wonshik and I were knocked off our feets as we tried to get this girl. The more times, I landed on the ground with blood gushing down my wounds, the more I got irritated by her same old tricks in her fighting. "Wonshik" I said his name. We all made it on our feet, dusting ourselves off. "Your the vampire with a beast side, why dont you take her down?" Kitten, as much as I want to rip her head off but this is your fight. I just want to come to see if I could get any information on her for you but I got nothing." "Oh real helpful of you!" I glared at him. "I bust my ass every night to hunt her and you don't even doing anything." I was pissed at him. "What do you want me to do. This is your fight Kitten, not mine. The council doesn't want me to get anymore blood on my hands then what I already have!" "Ooh a couple fight. Well it was fun while it lasted but I have to run along." The girl said, disappearing in the night. "I don't care how much blood you already have on your hands. You were supposed to be my back up but you can't even help me in a fight!!" "Stop turning this on me!!!" He shouted. By this time we were both up in each other's faces. He was trying to control himself but I was of the edge in rage. "Well what else am I supposed to say!! You physical hurt me!! You throw things that are in your way!! You take all of it on me when that damn fucking beast of yours is in control of you!! I'm done!!" I turned around on my heels and walked into the night with my heart shattering into pieces. It was a long walk to the family house. I knew my brothers were following me just for my safety. I didn't really care. I shivered in my coat as I walked up the sidewalk to the front of the house. I opened it with the spare key under the doormat. I walked in and headed to my room that still looked the same. ~Ravi's P.O.V~ I stood there watching her figure walk away from me. Her brother's all gave me a glare before running after her. She couldn't see my point of view to where I won't be able to fight along with her. I only came to get my thoughts on who she was hunting and I got not one clue. I sighed and looked up at the sky as I told myself that I did a fantastic job of trying to start a relationship with her but to only it going back down. I pound on my chest as I felt the pain being ripped apart from my kitten. I couldn't go after her because she was long gone. I turned on my heels and headed home. Where I was greeted by my brothers, two sister in laws and Preist Nam. "Ravi your back? Where's Lei?" N asked as I shrugged my shoulders. I sat down across Priest Nam. No one seemed to questioned and let it go. I watched them enjoy the family dinner with our guest. It wasn't until Priest Nam reached out to grab some more food is when I saw his tattoo of a rose with a pentagram in the middle of it. I rushed out of my chair and went to my room where I ended up destroying everything in its place. ~No One P.O.V~ I quietly snuck out of the house and down the street to where the hide out was. I kicked the gravel under my feet as I leaned against the light post. I could hear her singing until she reached me. "Were you waiting for me?" The beautiful high pitch voice that belonged to my mate. "I was beautiful." I wrapped my arms around her waist and smiled down at her. She wrapped her hands around my neck and laced her fingers in my hair. "Are you upset with me that I attacked you and your family?" She asked. I shook my head. "Its all part of the plan baby. Priest Nam wanted this and I want it too. I want to be with you forever, my love." "Don't you feel bad for betraying your brothers and sister?" "Not one bad feeling at all." I kissed her cheek as her silver eyes sparkled at me. "I love you my love." "I love you too."
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BITCH HUI! OH IT BETTER NOT BE MY BABY CORY, Y'ALL ALREADY DICKS TO LEI STOP BEING ECEN MORE OF A DICK!!! Nam is on the little bitches side! I will cut a hoe!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👊👊👊👊 Anyway, yes I want Ravi really bad too 🙃 the beginning and end confused me so much though
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The beginning with Nisha and Areum but I can't remember what it was and the ending, one of Lei's brothers is dating the girl they're trying to kill?