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Konnichiwa!!! Annyeong!!! Ni hao!!! Swasdi!!!

Hi, and welcome to the Asian Drama Monster Cave!!! It's your ever loyal Asian Drama Monster Blogger @VeronicaArtino here giving you some monstrous Drama info whether it be old or new!!! Our ever loyal Asian Drama Lead Monster @KokoroNoTakara is sick this week and having some family issues. She will be back in two weeks. Let's all send good vibes and prayers to our girl Koko.

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Sometimes - Yoo Sung Eun
This OST is from The K2 Kdrama. Koko definitely would have picked this as a song for the female's flowing voice and the ballad feeling. Yes the voice is great but for me it is the lyrics that got to me. I have felt this feeling so many times.
Kang Min Hyuk & Jo Bok Rae: 'Go ahead Cry'
The OST is from the kdrama Entertainer. It literally makes me cry everytime. These two voices together are so perfect. This is a collaboration that needs to happen. Both voices are filled with such depth and emotion. Plus this definitely song with a message that I relate too and speaks to me.
LYn - Just One Day (단 하루) MV
The OST is from Mask Kdrama and probably would have been another one Koko would have picked for the ballad like style of the song and soft and emotional voice of the female singer. Again it is one I like for the emotions it touches for me.
Zico (Block B) & Sojin (Girls Day) – It Hurts (아프다)
Another OST from Mask kdrama. I think we can tell I like sometimes rapped mixed in my songs. but this pairing got my ears like "oooh, what is this? Oh its like a slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving." The beat is so upbeat for being such a sad song if you listen to the lyrics. I guess I also find it a hopeful song but that's because I'm weird.
Seo Eun Kwang(서은광)(BTOB), MIYU(미유) _ I miss you(참 그립다)
Another OST from Mask kdrama. Koko definitely would have picked this song because of the emotion behind each word song and the beautiful voices and ballad. She would agree with me, this song doesn't have to be a love song of missing that other half but missing anyone that is away from you in life. That is something that makes this song so great. At this time of year I miss those that have left me for heaven and this song makes me reflect on them.
"I Hate You" Lyrics- Sung by Park Chanyeol & Mabel Yuan
The OST is from So I married an anti-fan, Kmovie/kdrama. It kind of has a rock a feel and really upbeat. Plus the message I hate that I actually love you now but I love you. It is a good song.
Still Here MV-Liu Yifei
The OST is from Never Gone, Chinese movie. The voices go so well for this song. The emotions you feel touch every corner of my heart. It really is a great love song. A great ballad.
The OST is from the Legend of the Blue Sea kdrama. Her voice is just amazing and soft. I really love the song. I've been listening to it since I found it on repeat. It really just lifts my spirits up.
조정석, 디오 (Jo Jung Suk, D.O.) - 걱정 말아요 그대 (Don't Worry)
The OST is from My Annoying Brother, kmovie. It wasn't a pairing I was expecting but it was I adore. Their voices just meld together so nicely. It really finds a way to lift my spirits. Side note I can't wait to see this movie.
畢書盡 Bii - 愛戀魔法 Love Magic (官方版MV) - 偶像劇《狼王子》片頭曲
This OST is from Wolf Prince, Tdrama. It is really cute, fun and Bii's voice is one I can always listen to. The uplifting and catchy tune and piano, really get me smiling and bobbing my head.

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