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I haven't read many webtoons, but of the ones I have read, these remind me of Bangtan's precious maknaes. Check 'em out~~♡


Asleep Beside You: romance, drama, mystery Super Secret: romance, school, supernatural Because he's charming and thoughtful.
The author of Asleep Beside You is so sweet and tries to update A.S.A.P - I feel like Jimin would be like her. The art of Super Secret is proportionate (♡) and really cute with touches of mystery.


ShootAround: drama, humor, zombies, life Because he's funny, open, and a tad complex.
After watching Bon Voyage, I learned that there's a lot more to Taehyung than I thought. ShootAround is complex like that. Likewise, it's relatable and touches on some tricky subjects.


SIDEKICKS: superhero, action, bildungsroman Because he's passionate and adventurous.
This webtoon is a coming-of-age story, which suits JK since ARMY has witnessed so much growth from his debut days. It also has humor and drama; like JK, it's a mix of things. Also, the main protagonist parallels him in that they both run on immense passion.

Thanks for reading~

I'll do one for Hyung Line soon ♡

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I love Super Secret! It's one of my favorites, though I don't read a lot of them. And it totally works for Jimin.