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Sooooooo Monsta X is going to be on this next season of Battle Likes.... annnnd theyre going to skype with some fans during it.... ANDDDD ONE OF THOSE LUCKY PEOPLE IS GOING TO BE ME AND TWO OF MY FRIENDS Its crazy the staff really chose us and were are going to Skype on a live broadcast with MONSTA X!! I cant even with the excitement of this reality and only 2 more days til this happens!! Last season of Battle Likes had GOT7 & Seventeen on it and it was a fun show! Im excited for season too! Taglist: @Kpopandkimchi @ARMYstarlight @MichelleIbarra @Morganelisabeth @belencitagarcia @baileykayleen @jiyongleo @chelseajay @madandrea @stevieq @kpossible4250 @Vkookie47 @amobigbang @sarahdarwish @sugafree @tracylynnn @Bekikunstman @sharayahtodd @chaerica @prettieeEm @xergaB20 @ilennrocks @tigerlily84 @kpopgaby @keziahwright @creetheotaku @tayunnie @ashleykpop @sarahvandorn @mandynoona @drummergirl691 @katierussell @emilypeacock @sugaontop @thepinkprincess @jinsprincess86 @nell03 @moonchild03 @stephanieduong @aubriepope @hajelf @rainac3 @kchavens09 @saraortiz2002 @taetaebaozi @jojojordy2324 @agentleo @sosoaloraine23 @lexxcisco @emilygardner @lashonda0917 @kwellnitz @nancyvongvilay @annahizaragoza @anniechang1545 @ninjamidori @nenegrint14 @morleecorielus @mrsbangyongguk @edwey66 @amberg171997 @deefran @kyky97 @lolimbetter09 @lilmnm @veronicaartino @vipfreak2ne1 @christianliu @torchix @jungkookie1 @destinabyrd @emealia @jessAS @kellyoconner @itsmari @heidichiesa @cindystran @vixenvivi @aimeeh @kiki29 @roxy1903 @lizanightshade @saraortiz2002 @everiemisfit @LizaNightshade @brawner13 @vatcheeAfandi99 @zyxzj @taehyungv
@MonAnnahiX thank you!! I messed up the dance & our audio failed us, but it was still awesome
It's okay 😊 It happens. They (Monsta X) looked very happy with your performance! Just the show was very unorganized and I hate how the cameras weren't organized either... but at least got to see mx for a good 2hrs.
You guys did great!! And Congratulations on that signed album!!
How exciting! First time seeing this show but definitely watching it on Friday 😊
Good luck!! I'd be a nervous wreck!