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Who: Jay Park X Reader What: Romance/ soft but idk if I can't call it fluff. Story: You deal with your worst break up by getting drunk at the same club that Jay Park happens to be partying. He seems to want to keep you around but you're pretty sure you know his type a hit it and quit it kind of guy. You don't trust that his intentions are pure but all he keeps doing is asking you to stay.
Y/N POV Since the day you left him your number on that note Jay had called you about every day. A whole month had gone by and his affection for you didn't waiver. A part of you wanted him to go away. You wanted him to leave you alone but his kisses lingered on your lips. He knew how to kiss and hold you. You slept in the same bed with him that night, you were beyond tense. Every part of you was screaming at you to leave or pretend to be asleep and wait until he was deep into his sleep to sneak out. He'd lent you his T-shirt to sleep in. You told him you weren't sure about staying in the same room with especially since you hated sleeping with pants on. He laughed at you and told you he would turn away while you got into bed first. He promised again he wouldn't do anything that you weren't comfortable with. When he spooned with you, you had a suspicion that he was a little disappointed you weren't facing him. He'd come close to you and part of you wanted to turn over and face his chest and bury your face in it because he was so damn warm. Interestingly enough, his arms around you comforted you, you eased into him and you fell asleep far easier and far faster than you intended to. He had relaxed you and all he had done was hold you. Thinking back on your past relationships, cuddling was the things you valued most. Taehyun used to lay his head in your lap when you sat on the couch and you'd run your hand through his hair or when you two sat in bed to watch a movie together you'd sit between his legs and he'd wrap his arms around you. Sometimes you'd be playing on your DS and he'd kiss your head or your cheek and call you a child. He said he loved you but he hurt you. Pretty boys were dangerous. You were softer than this, more loving more caring. The romantic in you wanted to fall for Jay because he seemed like he cared but this new pain, this new fear of being cheated on because you weren't enough was weighing you down. In the past month, he'd taken you out to dinner to fancy restaurants, he'd introduced you to his friends and he'd texted you, snap chat you, he did everything to make you feel important. Maybe he was appealing to your soft side. You still didn't get it, what did he see in you that he wanted you? You'd been rolling theories in your head non stop trying to figure out what he wanted. You very much believed he just wanted to sleep with you and the reason he was trying so hard was because him and Kiseok had made some bet the night they helped you. You were looking for any reason not to trust him. He was trying to give you every reason to trust him. Your phone rang with a text message while you were drawing in bed. Holly had poked her head into your room and said, "Hey Y/n Yoongi and Jongso are going to see a movie do you want to come?" "Um one second Jay texted me." You said. You unlocked your phone to read the text as she walked in and sat on your bed. "How's that going anyway, you seem less grumpy now a days." She said. "He wants me to go to a pool party? Is it appropriate to say no?" You said looking up at her. She smiled, "You're not going to go? Come on you love the pool go have fun." "I like the pool when I'm with people I know. Jay shows me off too much. It's uncomfortable." You said looking to the side. "Y/n I know you don't like a lot of unnecessary attention but think about all the things he's doing for you." "I have been and I still dot get it." "Because you're looking for the answer in a puzzle box Y/n. You'd rather search through the most difficult roads instead of simply turning around to face the sunshine." "What?" You said looking at her confused. She laughed, "Aish what am I going to do with you? Even Yoongi isn't that dense. Y/n Jay likes you, he likes you a lot and I think he understands that you're hurting or that you've been hurt so he's trying to prove himself to you but you complain about the things he does." Holly said. "He's trying too hard." You said annoyed. "Because you're making it hard. Look a million other girls wants to be in your shoes right now including me and I'm not just talking about the Jay Park of it all. I'm talking about what he's doing for you. You two have been hanging out and talking on the phone for a month now, he's been nice to you he's tried to pamper you, he's taking you to events with him because he wants to spend time with you. There are not a lot of guys out there that would put a lot of effort into entertaining a girl only to keep being rejected or complained at. He's doing all the right things, all the things you love or at the very least used to love. Why can't you accept his feelings for you?" You looked up at her with hurt eyes. She saw it and you knew it. You didn't feel good enough for him because Taehyun's words kept messing with you. She sighed and patted your head, "Tae was a jerk, he wasn't good enough for you, you know. I mean you did so much for him and you loved him for him to do that to you- he's an ass." "I don't disagree. The thing is I'm over the break up but what he said- it hurts." You said. "Y/n Jay comes from a background where every girl throws themselves at him and while he probably used to flirt and have sex with random girls for fuck's sake- you're the one woman he wants to keep around and he hasn't even slept with you yet. You're the one he's willing to wait for while trying to give you everything you've ever wanted in a relationship. He wants you and he's doing everything he can to prove that you're the only one he sees in his world full of women. Doesn't that mean you're more than enough for him?" She said. You stared at her letting her words seep through. She had a point, she had several points in fact. Your phone went off again. Another text. Jay: Come on baby girl it'll be fun. You still didn't want to go to a pool party. Y/n: I have to bring Holly. Jay: Your roommate? Bring her! Y/n: Fine we'll be there. Jay: Great can't wait to kiss those lips. Your eyes got a little wide and you blushed a little. You sighed. Why did he say things like this? "You're coming with me." You said looking up at her. "What? No way I'll embarrass myself." She said. "If you don't come I'm not going then you'll have to deal with Jay." You said. "Why do you have to bring me into this?" "You want me to give him a chance then fine I'll be a little less cranky but you're not about to send me into the lion's den by myself. Please Holly I need you." You said. "Yeah but-Yoongi." "Yoongi is lazy as hell he probably doesn't even want to go to the movies and if he does he'll just sleep through it anyway and Jongso will understand please don't make me go alone." She huffed defeated and got off the bed, "Fine I'll go call them and cancel." She said. "I love you." You called back with sunshine in your voice. "Yeah I know I'm a loveable person and adorable as hell." She said leaving your room. You wore a tank top and shorts and Holly had done your make up like she had the night Jay and you had dinner. You didn't even want to wear make up. You were still thinking of excuses not to go. Even when you had already arrived. Jay was either great at timing or he had been watching the entrance for your arrival. He came up to you with a beer in his hand sunglasses on, swim trunks on and of course no shirt. He kissed you as soon as he got to you. The taste of his beer made you scrunch your nose but he'd kissed you sweetly and softly. That was the first time he'd kissed you in front of people. You asked him not to do that but this time alcohol had made him forget. He wasn't that drunk, you frowned at him. "Come on I can't kiss you? I told you I couldn't wait for your lips. Hey I got you something." He said grabbing your hand. "Holly, Simon is over by the bar if you want to get something signed, tell him I sent you. Y/n did you bring a suit babe?" He said. You shook your head, "That's okay I figured you wouldn't. I got something really nice for you, you'll like it." He said coming up to your face. "Jay stop you taste like beer." You said trying to avoid his lips. He came to your ear instead and licked the the bottom of your ear lobe. Your jaw tightened so you wouldn't make a sound. You swallowed hard, ignoring the twist in your stomach. Your face twisted so you looked upset and he chuckled and said, "Come on baby you'll love this." Holly had walked off, headed towards the bar and Jay was leading you through the crowd of people. Proudly holding your hand not giving a shit that you were a nobody in a sea of idols. You felt even more self conscious than before. He finally got you to a back room where there was a bed and laying on it was a one piece bathing suit that started out yellow at the top and ombred into a pink at the bottom. It reminded you of a sunset; the warm colors gave you a slight sense of comfort. "You can put it on in a second baby girl but that's not what I wanted to show you." He said. "It wasn't?" You asked nervously. He walked over to the closet door and opened it. He bent down and reached in on one side and pulled something out. "Almost forgot Y/n close your eyes." He said without turning back to see you. "Okay just don't do anything weird." You said. Your eyes closed and you heard his feet shuffle back to you. "Open them." He said. Your eyes opened and in his hands was a stuffed old style Eeyore. Your eyes got big when you saw it and your hands came up to touch it as if you were trying to make sure it was real. It was. You stared at it and he laughed, "It's yours I bought it for you. You said you liked Eeyore right?" You took it in your arms in disbelief and tears started to fall. It was a mix of so much happiness you couldn't really contain it and then the feeling of being an ass to him most of the time. Like Holly's words finally hit you. Not that you didn't get what she was saying before but the real impact had finally come. He looked at you confused. He licked his lips and brought you into his arms. "Why are you crying?" He asked. You hid your mouth against Eeyore's head. "Y/n?" He asked. "Why are you being so nice to me, why do you like me? I didn't even agree to be yours yet and you go and buy me Eeyore. Why would you do that?" You cried into the stuffed head. "I guess that means you like him?" He said. You nodded, you actually really loved him. Winne the pooh was like your favorite childhood cartoon. Your parents used to play it for you to get you to calm down. Your oldest brother used to put it on for you to watch when he watched you. Eeyore was always your favorite character so this gift touched you the most. "Y/n a while back I told you I'd show you how a real man treats his woman. I've watched you closely, I've done everything to get to know you. It amazes me you're the kind of girl that hates getting presents that are expensive but I give you a stuffed animal and you break down in tears. You're cute." He said. "Why did you do this? You keep buying me things, stop." You said. "I told you I'd treat you like a princess I'm trying to do everything I can to make you happy." "Do I seem unhappy?" You said. "Actually, despite the tears," he said wiping your tears away with his thumb. "you seem much happier now than when we first met. Honestly, it's taken some time but I'm starting to get to you Y/n I can see it. You like me." He said with a big grin. Your eyes got wide and you began to blush you looked away from him. He chuckled and turned your face back to him, catching your chin between his thumb and forefinger. He lifted your face as he lowered his lips to yours just slightly hovering over them. He was staring in your eyes and you couldn't help but try and suck in a breath. He said still close to your mouth, "Why are you blushing baby girl?" "You can't just declare that I like you without evidence." You said embarrassed "No evidence you say?" He laughed. "You're a good friend." You said. "Friend? Now you're hurting my feelings Y/n, do your other friends make you feel like this?" He said he feigned being insulted. Without removing his hand from your face, his other hand came to touch your waist. You took in a sharp breath, his hands were cold, your tank had gone up when he touched you. You let out a little moan and bit your lip to silence it. He bit his bottom lip pleased by you're reaction. "Yeah I've got your number baby girl, you like to tease me but you want me." "You're imagining things." You whispered. He quickly pecked your lips as a way to tease you himself. "Yeah you're right baby girl, I guess I'm imagining the way I make you moan against my lips. Or I'm imagining the little smile you try and hide from me when I call you beautiful. You're right, I'm imagining the way you say my name when you're excited. I'm imagining how your text messages have changed. You're usually so honest did I make you a liar?" He said. "No." "Then why are you lying to yourself Y/n? Don't you want me?" He said. He stepped up closer to you and you backed up. His lips fell to yours and offered you a soft sweet kiss. You dropped Eeyore and brought your arms up around his neck. He kissed you deeper, his hand left your chin and mirrored his other hand on your waist. He picked you up and you instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist. He hummed in approval his hand going up your back for support as he walked to the bed and laid you out on it. His hand went under your tank and lightly touched your stomach tickling you a bit. Your stomach caved in trying to flee from his touch but there was no escape. His lips still moved slow against yours, making you want him to kiss you a bit harder. Your hand went to the back of his head and gripped his hair. He pulled back for a second to say, "That's it baby girl." His lips met yours again in a deeper kiss and more hungry than before. His style of kissing, not that you didn't like it when he went slow and soft, were really enjoying. "Ahh." You breathed when he sat up. "How long are you going to make me wait baby girl? When will you agree to be mine? Have I not proven myself?" He said. He placed your hands on his chest and you ran them down his body. Your fingers rolling over his perfectly sculpted abs. "If you ever need anything I've got you. Ask me for anything you want I'll get it for you. Call me when you need me I'll be there for you. You should give me a chance to be your man Y/n. You'll never feel the way he made you feel again. I'll make you forget his name," He kissed your stomach. "His face," He moved up your stomach, another kiss. "His kiss," Now he was by your chest the next part of your exposed skin. He placed a light kiss between the valley of your breast and the on your neck until he was back over your lips and he said almost darkly, "His touch. I'll erase him from you." "I'm just waitress Jay, why do you like me?" You said. "In this month I've gotten to know you more, I'm constantly amazed by your will to keep pursuing your degree. I'm amazed at how you cherish your friends and the fact that you can make Kiseok laugh is impressive too. I'm motivated by you and you don't even realize it. Did you know I wrote a song about you?" You smiled a little, "You did?" You said. He nodded, his other hand snuck up your side and cupped the side of your neck, "Cha cha had the beat ready and when you went to class Thursday I went to work. I watched you leave and then the words started to form. You have an influence on me. Hoody thinks you've got too much power over me, she knows I'd do anything for you. That's a lot of power over someone you've known for a month." Your heart rate kicked in, beating faster at his words. To you they were beautiful, that he spoke them to you, so lightly, so sweetly. He was intoxicating. His whispers by your face had you running hot for him. His kiss still had your lips swollen. You brought your lip between your teeth at first taking a little nipple then sucking on it. He kissed your cheek then your forehead. "That day in the club I saw you before you got trashed and I thought you looked pretty sexy. A part of me hoped you would've found yourself coming up to the V.I.P section. Even from the first glance I was attracted to you, my interest in you didn't kick in until I got up close. I honestly thought you'd get hurt. I wanted to take care of you." He kissed your neck again and brought his hand to yours lacing his fingers with yours. He pushed up so that he was no longer low but high on his knees and looking down on you. "Everyday sense then I look at you and keep thinking 'wow this girl keeps getting prettier and prettier. She's so beautiful.' Everytime you make me laugh I can't help but think, 'I'm never letting you go'. Everytime you refuse me I can't help but hope that someone else doesn't come around and steal you from me. I'm silently begging that you'll keep coming back to me and I'm waiting for the day that you say you're all mine. The more I learn about you the more I want you. You have your sweet moments, I know you're scared of me. You're cautious of me, I understand that but you have to know I'd never do a thing to hurt you. I can't say that I don't want your body because baby girl I really want you naked under me but that's not my motivation for wanting you around. I like you, truly and honestly I like you. Sleeping next to you is the simplest thing in the world and I never thought I could sleep next to a girl without having sex with her but having you next to me makes me so content; I sleep better night. You don't know how beautiful you are to me, you think you're not enough because of what an asshole said to you but here I am capable of giving you the world and I still feel like it wouldn't be enough to show you how much I adore you. I've been an ass to girls before, I'm not perfect so when I'm with you I know I don't deserve you- but I want you. I'm trying hard so hard to make you mine, to help you see and understand I'm not doing all of this to get in your pants and leave you hurt. I'm not giving you gifts and asking you to stay with me as some dark plot. If a man really likes a woman he'll move mountains for her. I want to make you happy. I want you to know I'll take care of you." You looked him in the eyes and drew your hand back from his. Your hands cupped his face as you looked back at him in silence. You ran your hand through his hair, soft and smooth. Holly had told you the same thing, he was doing all of this because he liked you. If you could be honest with yourself you liked him too. You just held onto cruel words that hurt you and made you feel like either he'd betray you or he wouldn't see you as enough. "What is it baby girl?" "Your hair is soft." You said softly. He laughed and you smiled a little. He pressed his forehead against yours and kissed you softly again. You smiled and laughed a little, "Ah look how pretty she is. A smile like that could cure an illness." He said. "I like your smile too. It's pretty." You said trying not smile bigger. "I'll tell you what, I'll smile for you everyday you just have to promise me you'll smile back." He said. "Ok." You whispered. "Ok? You really do like me." Your eyes shifted away from his but your small smile remained. You suddenly pushed up and said, "I have a class project I need to do." "Can't it wait? I was having fun taking to you." He said. "Uh-" You were looking at the wall but then looked back at Jay seriously. You held up a finger to him and said, "I actually have a favor to ask, are you doing anything around two tomorrow?" "If I am I'll cancel. Why?" He asked. "Don't cancel anything important, look I have to do a small gallery presentation as a project grade and we need five pieces but I've only got four." "So why do you need me?" He asked curiously. You got a little hesitant on that part, you looked away again but continued, "I want to draw you." You looked back at him a he was smiling hard, you hid your face with your arms, "Don't get so cocky it's for school!" You said. "Why me? Did you ask Holly or Jongso?" "Actually- the themes we had to pick ourselves and my theme doesn't fit well for either of them." You said looking down at your lap. "What was your theme baby?" He hummed amused. "Romance." You said. He chuckled and lifted your chin so you could look at him, "If you ever call me a good friend again baby girl I'm going to lay you down and kiss your lips till their sore and you're out of breath. You like me, one day I'll hear you say it." You blushed again, "Whatever, can I draw you or not?" "I'll be at your apartment by one thirty." He smiled before he pulled your chin in towards him and he kissed you again, laying you back down on the bed with his hands in your hair, sweet sin...
this chapter..... what you do read my soul?
I'M CHEEZIN LIKE CRAZY! WHAT I WOULD GIVE FOR A MAN TO SPEAK THOSE WORDS TO ME... EVEN AT MY AGE, IT'S SUCH A RARE THING TO HEAR... and I have heard those words from someone, they do hurt they do scar, and they do cast doubt... and yes, it is hard to move past those feelings of "not being enough" I sure do wish I could find someone just willing to take the time... great job. I love it
I'm so glad youre liking it. that really does make me happy 😊😊😊😁
Lawd help me!!!
Yessss!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘