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Coffee Break part 14

So this is an intense chapter! The next couple chapter will be really intense! hehehe yes knew something was coming. ♥
Keri's view. **** I didn't leave my house for three days! Caught up in writing the first couple chapters of my new book I hadn't gone to bed, I hadn't even eaten and all contact I had with the outside world was telling Yoongi I was busy for the time being on Sunday and to not expect me in the mornings. He seemed to understand I was getting caught up in writing and by the third day I finally charged my phone and saw I had 13 missed calls from Yoongi, 3 from Oggi, and 1 from Mel. I also had a ton of messages from Yoongi. I stopped writing at a spot I could pick up at another time and called Yoongi back. "I'm so so so sorry" I said right away. "Well hello, do I know you?" He answered confusing me. Did I get the wrong number? Or was he messing with me. "I know I haven't contacted you. I'm sorry I've been crazy busy writing" I said hoping it was him and he was messing with me. There was no reply. I worried. "Yoongi?" I said his name. "Oh" the person said. I was beginning to realize it wasn't yoongi. "Yoongi! Someone is apologizing to you!" The person yelled out. I whimpered. Oh gosh it wasn't yoongi! Someone else answered and now everyone in that room heard I was apologizing to him. "Give me my phone" I heard Yoongi's voice. There was a bunch of noise and then Yoongi's voice. "Don't call me again! Stop saying sorry and get over it! I'm with someone else!" He shouted into the phone and hung up. I sat there dazed. What just happened? Like really? What just happened? Was that his way of breaking up with me? Did he find another girl? What happened in those 3 days? I burst into tears! My phone rang in my hand and I looked to see Yoongi calling. I answered and as I cried I said his name. "Keri oh god I'm so sorry I thought you were someone else" yoongi's concerned voice was on the other line. "I'm sorry baby I didn't mean to yell at you. The things I said weren't meant for you to hear" yoongi was trying go explain but I could barely make the words out over my crying and sniffling. "Yoongi. Did you find someone else? I told you when I start writing I get tunnel vision. I'm sorry I thought you understood" I cried into the phone. "Baby where are you at?" He asked this time repeating until I answered. "I'm at home. I never left" I sniffled. "Okay tell me your address. I'm coming over now" he said. He hung up the phone and I sat there trying to stop crying. If he was expecting a call like that, who did he think it was? About twenty minutes later there was a knock at my door and the bell started to ring. Quickly I got up from my couch and went to the door. Yoongi was there and the first thing he did was hug me. "Oh Keri I'm so sorry" he apologized again. "I'm sorry I didn't talk to you before" I told him as I clutched him. "Its okay. You wee busy working" he said.  I invited him in and he took a look at my house from the entry.  It was a small place. It had the living room right away with the kitchen off to the side and then two bedrooms, one was my office which thankfully was closed up because it was a colossal mess. "So this is where you've been hiding" he commented. "Hmm actually in my office. I have barely ventured out. I just plugged my phone in and saw you called a bunch so I called you back" I blushed, embarrassed. "So you haven't seen my messages?" He asked. "No, should I look now?" I asked looking for my phone on the coffee table in the living room. He sighed. That was a heavy sigh. "No. I think I'll just tell you all that's been happening in the last couple days" he said. That sounded omnious and not very good. What had I missed? We both sat down on the couch and I turned so I could face him. "It's about Mel" he said. "What did she do?" I asked slightly afraid to hear this. "I don't know how you approached her but she's a terror" he said. "How can you stand being friends with her?" He gave me a skeptical look. "Because she does care about me" I shrugged "I guess when it suits her. But I've known her for a long time" I added. "What has she been doing?" I asked nervous. "Oh she's done a lot lately" he said angrily.
Heeeeeee. lol Yes I am leaving you hanging for a little bit as to what Mel has been up to. Let's just say in the next chapter I'll be going back a few days and filling in the activities. muhaha I'm evil today. ♥ ♥ ♥
pssst....guys let's get 20 hearts before 1 and we can get an update!!!!!
I just made a card for it lol we need 7 more
@pharmgirlerin @jaebumbae Hehe yup I have to come up with some bad things Mel is gonna be doing.
Oh that beginning got me! I totally thought he was mad at Keri!
😂knew it was Mel from the second he yelled hahahaha that bish goin down! Lol damn though... I feel for Keri on the other side of the line😅 they're still in the honeymoon, tippy toe part of the relationship... she must have felt like the sky was falling... arg! NEXT PaRT! don't torcher me!
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