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WARNING a bit of harsh language in this one.. just a little bit though!

"....-eon... Hyeon! Hey, C'mon, wake up." Namjoon gently shook me as a saw him smiling down at me. "Hrmm..? Oh what time is it?" I asked, still half asleep. "It's ten at night." He pointed at the clock. I shot up of the bed and walked towards the door. "I'll leave now! Thank you for having me over! I'll see you tomorrow!" I opened the door and was about to leave the room before he grabbed my hand quickly, spinning me around straight into him. "Hey, I know you're not going home after this, so why don't you just stay here tonight? I don't mind, plus it's just me for the rest of the month so I'd be really happy if you were to stay." He said. I pushed myself off his chest remembering what I was going crazy about earlier.. "No, it's fine... I can go home. My dad is somewhere over seas. I'll be fine really." I smiled. "Please? I kinda get lonely... I know it sounds cheesy.." He slightly laughed. "Fine.. but what about food? I'm a little hungry, I have some money if you want to order take out or go buy something to eat." I said, pulling my wallet from my skirt uniform pocket. "No, it's okay, I have plenty of stuff here to cook... if you want to cook, that is..." He slightly mumbled. "Okay, what would you have in mind? I don't mind cooking." I said. He looked like he was thinking pretty hard about something. Probably all the meals he was thinking about were like rare delaxacies or something like that... tipical rich kids. "Um... Do you know how to make Yachae Kalguksu?" He asked. "Noodles? That's all you want?" I said. "Well, yeah. That's what my mom used to cook me when I was younger, so it's become one of my favorite dishes." I'll be honest. I didn't expect him to ask for a simple recipe. Then again... I didn't think I would become friends with him... "I guess I could cook it if you'd like. Can you show me to your kitchen?" I asked. "Yeah, sure." He said as he got off his bed and opened the door. Before I followed him, my phone started ringing. It was my dad. I sighed as I reluctantly blocked him and muted my phone. "Did something happen?" He asked. "N-no. It was nothing. Don't worry about it." He shrugged as he continued to walk down the stairs. I really hope it was nothing. "Are you sure you just want Yachae Kalguksu? I can make other things, you know." I said. "I'm positive I just want that, I'm serious, it's my favorite dish!" He smiled. That smile, his beautiful smile that shows off his amazing dimples.. What I'm I thinking!? Hyeon! Shut up! "Okay then, um... let's go to your kitchen so we can get cooking." I say with a slight smile on my face as well. I gathered the ingredients as Namjoon sat on one of the bar stools and watched me. I didn't really mind, considering there was really in thing else to do besides watch and wait.. but it made the atmosphere a bit.. tense. Still, I shook it off as I continued to cook. "Regarding the question you asked me at the park, Hyeon..." Namjoon mumbled. "Hmm? What question?" I looked at him. "The one where you asked me if I liked someone." He said. "Oh, yeah... that one. What about it?" I asked, although he seemed a bit tense. The water started to bubble as Namjoon looked for the right words to say. I turned down the heat and added more ingredients to the pot stirring it well. I looked over in Namjoon's direction, but to my suprise, he had disappeared. "Namjoon? Where did he go?" I asked myself in a whisper. I shrugged it off as I turned down the heat to low and went to the fridge to get a couple more ingredients, only to be slammed into the wall with Namjoon in front of me. "W-what are you doing...!" My voice barley able to come out. He grabbed my hands and pinned them above my head. His eyes had an emotion I've never seen before. "Why do you make me feel this way... I've never felt this way about anyone..." He breathed in as he searched my face for answers. "I hate you, but I love you at the same time...!" I stared at him, switching between his eyes. My mouth was wide open, but no words were coming out. "Hyeon... what do I do? Is this what love feels like?" He looked up at my eyes, now a sad look. "N-Namjoon... I don't know what to tell you." He dropped my hands, but continued to look me straight in the eyes, "I've never been in love before-" He slammed my shoulders aginst the wall again. "Dammit..! What do I do?! I want to kiss you, but I don't want to hurt you.." He sighed. "I-I think I feel the same way, Namjoon." I lifted my hands up to his cheeks and brought his face closer to mine. "The thing is; I'm afraid to trust, Namjoon. My life has been so fucked up. I don't know if I can do this..." "Hyeon.. I would never hurt you... that would be the last thing I want to do." He whispered in my ear. He wrapped his arms around my waist and brought my lips closer to his, "Hyeon... I love you."
Five million years later and I decide to update. Why? Because I just entered high school and I lost my phone for a good period of time... I lost my tag list... so I'm really sorry, comment if you would like to be tagged!
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