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Can I just squish him already???
Ok so I came across a Jongin hate site a couple of days ago and I've seriously been triggered...I seriously don't understand why someone would waste their time writing bad stuff about somebody...so yeah...I seriously need to share some squishy Jongin. He really is a sweetheart and I will not stand this bashing...

He cares for his hyungs

He adores EXO-Ls

He's legit husband material

He loves dogs

This made my day
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Awwww precious angel baby.
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OMG, this cinnamon roll!!!! Who would hate on him????
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He's so sweet and cute but him with that dog has been squealing. love him
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Leo gets all squishy around cats and kids, and Kai gets all squishy around dogs.... My life is complete 馃槏馃槏
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