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HI THERE! I've already made an introduction, which you can read by clicking (this), so this is just going to be an update~ looking back, I realized that there was a bit more i could've added as well, so, here we go! (You should read my first card before this one, as i'm not gonna repeat anything)

First thing's first, I'm a 100% perverted person.
Anything i hear automatically turns pervy.
I also swear like a fuckin' sailor and i could give less of a shit.
I'm obsessed with candles because yes.
K-pop has become my number 1 obsession.
I'm bisexual.
I'm a Pisces.
I constantly have trouble spelling basic words even though i'm a writer.
I'm extremely insecure and have been diagnosed with Melancholic Depression.
I'm a social butterfly and am really easy to get along with.
I hate being alone and am in constant need of social or physical interaction.
My personality is almost completely similar to Jackson's from GOT7.
I'm a lefty.
I'm a natural soprano.
I have never had singing lessons and i started singing when i was 3 years old.
I can sing opera if i try really hard.
I'm Spanish and speak very little of the language.
I'm apart of the BDSM community, and I am a submissive/little.
I'm terrible at lying.
I'm loyal, loving, supportive and helpful to anyone that i feels deserves it.
I love coffee and pizza like holy fuck you don't understand.
The first ting i notice about a person is their eyes.
I'm an only child.
Winter is my favorite season.
My favorite animal is a dog, despite my nickname being Kitten.
I despise putting makeup on.
I own two drawers full of pajamas, and only half a drawer of shirts and pants.

I'll add more if i think of more.....


The pictures explain shit :D

My K-Pop playlist!:CLICKY

So i know a fuck ton more about K-Pop. I explain more in (this card) but the gist of it is, it took me 27 days to learn about BTS, SHINee, and K-Pop in general. Most of the publicly know information about them is stocked in my lil brain. I buy their albums and merch and support them as best as i can. If you didn't click the card, then i'll post my bias/ship list here:

So my bias/ship list is as follows: (As of 2016 and may be subject to change)

Ultimate Bias: Kim Jae-joong (AKA: Jaejoong)
Ultimate Ship: Yoonmin (AKA: Min Yoon-gi [SUGA] and Park Ji-min [Jimin])

SHINee Bias: Lee Tae-min (AKA: TAEMIN)
SHINee Ship(s): Jongtae (AKA: Kim Jong-Hyun [Jonghyun] and Lee Tae-min [TAEMIN])

BTS Bias: Kim Nam-joon (AKA: Rap Monster)
BTS Ship(s): Yoonmin (AKA: Min Yoon-gi [SUGA] and Park Ji-min [Jimin])
Namjin (AKA: Kim Nam-joon [Rap Monster] and Kim Seok-jin [Jin])
Taekook (AKA: Kim Tae-hyung [V] and Jeon Jeong-guk [Jungkook])

GOT7 Bias: Jackson Wang (AKA: Jackson)
GOT7 Ship(s): Markson (AKA: Jackson Wang [Jackson] and Mark Tuan [Mark])

JYJ Bias: Kim Jae-joong (AKA: Jae-joong)
JYJ Ship(s): Junjoong (AKA: Kim Jae-joong [Jaejoong] and Kim Junsu [XIA])
WELL anyways, that's about it. Any questions/comments/concerns just message me or comment :D There's gotta be some shit i missed so if you got a specific question feel free to ask~
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I love your bluntness. That is awesome
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@KittenFear You're very welcome! Haha yeass! I love that about people! They make me happy!