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Hey wanna go out tonight?" jimin asked  Ho-seok "Yeah i would love that. Where are you wanting to go?" Ho-seok replied Okay awesome!  We are gonna go to this new place called CakeShop I've heard its a really awesome dance club sometimes they have people perform there. Jimin said with excitement The boys get ready to go the club they both look amazing they head out the door and head to the cakeshop for a fun filled night. The boys arrive to the club at 10:00pm the club is packed full and everyone is having a great time and drinking the night away. They finally take a break and sit at the bar to drink "Hi I'm  Jungkook I'll be your bartender tonight can I get you guys anything?" "Yes can we get two sex on the beach?" Jimin "Sure ill be right back, Jungkook said "He's was kind of cute. What do you think?"  Jimin ask Ho-seok "Yeah, I guess he is kinda cute"  Hoseok replied Because I was thinking we coul.... Jimin stopped before he could fishish what he was saying because Jungkook came back with thier drinks. "Here you guys go is there anything else I can get you guys?"  Jungkook asked "Yea how about you sit with us for a while and let's get to know each other." Jimin says. "Hey Yoong hyung, I'm going on break be back in a little bit" Jungkook said. "Don't be gone forever like usual (In Ho-seok mind) 'Ugh why is he wanting him to stay? I dont get it i mean yeah he's kinda cute but... wait what is he planning.' Ho-seok joins the conversation and  they talk for hours. Its starting to get late and club is about to close so the boys head out and go home. "Hey wanna come over and hang out with us?" Jimin ask Jungkooky "Yeah sure I'll come over for a little bit" Jungkook said. They all sit on the couch and talk about the club. They said how Jimin and Ho-seok met each other.  Then Jungkook suggest to play strip poker. Ho-seok really doesn't want to but he'll do whatever it take to keep Jimin happy. Two hours later They all have one piece of clothing left on and definitely had too much to drink. "2 of a kind  bitches I win let me see those underwear on the floor!" Jimin shouts out " Nope sorry, but I got a full house you lose so you drop them" Ho-seok says with grin on his face "So this mean we both gotta get naked then?" Jimin ask. "How about we just say fuck the rule and all get naked" says Jungkook So they get naked. Then Jungkook kisses Jimin out of nowhere but he doesn't refuse. Jimin actually liked it so much that he couldn't help but let out a small moan. Ho-seok originally didn't want to do this but the noise that came from Jimin turned him on so bad. Ho-seok grabbed Jimin away from Jungkook and began to kiss him. Jimin didn't fully feel right making out with his best friend but he always wonder if Ho-seok was a good kisser and he finally found out and it was definitely a yes. Jimin started to put his arms around  Hoseok neck but Jungkook grabbed Jimin's hand and pulled him back into him. Jungkook grew more confident by the minute and started to create kiss trail down his jawline to his neck causing Jimin to make the most beautiful sounds. Which made Jungkook grow more hungry for Jimin. Jungkook laid Jimin down on the couch and started to kiss down his chest. Hoseok got tired of just watching and started to kiss Jimin again. Jungkook went lower and lower until he got to Jimin's member. Jungkook easy actually surprised at how big he was. He couldn't help but to devour it. Jimin's hand went straight to Jungkook's hair as he let out a moan. Jimin drowned in so muvh pleasure he didn't notice Jungkook had slipped in a finger until he started to move. Jimin grabbed on to Hoseok hair and started to pull. Hoseok started to suck on Jimin's neck. He was going to leave his mark. I think I'm going to- Jimin said before arching his back, reaching his climax.  Don't think it's over yet. We're just getting started, Jungkook said has he pulled his finger out and replaced them with his member. You feel so good still a little tight but I will fix that and then maybe Hoseok could add a little more to it, Jungkook smirked. What do you say Hoseok? Want to try it? Hoseok was slightly shocked at the request but to be inside Jimin would be amazing I don't care if I had to share him. Jungkook lifted Jimin up and onto his lap. Jimin couldn't help but wrap his legs around Jungkook's waist. Hoseok sat behind Jimin on his knees ready to enter Jimin. He's waited for this moment for so long. Before Hoseok entered Jimin he tilted Jimin's head back exposing his neck so he could kiss it. Sorry if this hurts Hoseok said before pushing his member in. Jimin was surprised at how big both of them were and the feeling of both for them in him at the same time made his want to cum at that very moment. Jungkook was a little bigger than  Hoseok but both of them were pretty big. Jungkook being 8 inches and Hoseok 7 inches stretched him out perfectly. Hoseok could help but only admire Jimin's back it looked so beautifully he had to kiss it. Jimin brought his arm back and grabbed Hoseok's hair. Hoseok!, Jimin moaned surprising Hoseok. Hoseok pushed Jimin towards Jungkook a little trying to go deeper and he definitely accomplished that considering the noise Jimin had made. I'm about to cum! Jimin moaned. Just a little longer baby, Jungkook said. Fuck! You feel so good Jimin, Hoseok said. I think I'm getting close. Same, Jungkook said. Shit! I don't think I can keep it back any longer, Jimin screamed. Now! Jungkook and Hoseok said at the same time. They both filled Jimin up with their release and Jimin loved it. They both pulled out and threw themselves onto the couch trying to catch the breath. It felt so good Jimin wanted to go another round but he was to exhausted. Hoseok and Jungkook started to kiss on Jimin again until they heard him snoring. He passed out immediately. I guess we took it out of him. It was quite the workout. I'm pretty beat myself, Hoseok said. "This was really amazing I've never done anything like that before. Maybe we should try it again some other time,  Jungkook said. Maybe, Hoseok said quietly. I think I'm going to pass out too. To be honest Jungkook I'm hoping this doesn't create any conflict between us and I hope Jimin doesn't hate me for what I've done. I want us to stay friends. I would love to do it again though but I can't tell him that, Ho-seok thinks to himself. Well I'm going to go. It was fun, let's do it again, Jungkook said before leaving the house. I don't fully trust that guy, Hoseok whispered. That felt so amazing, let's do it again, Jimin said as he wrapped his arm around Hoseok's waist and fell asleep again. Seeing Jimin's sleeping face made Hoseok supper tired and he eventually fell asleep with Jimin. Will this happen again? Will jimin strat seeing Jungkooky more? Or does Ho-seok  have nothing to worry  about stay tuned and find out    @SaraHanna @chandratoress @twistedpuppy @BBxGD @KoreanDramaMama @luna1171 @UnnieCakeAli @Tiffany1922 @prettieeEmm @MraJungHoseok @KassieXiong @PancakesRios @ammagrande @ot12exodus02 @tazneemhinnawi @CallMeMsDragon @MelissaGarza @marisamusic @Izab3lla @KoreanDramaMaMa @MomoChamie @ninjamidori @AaliyahNewbell @SydneyLstrange @ChandraTorres @BBxGD @UnnieCakeAli @tiffany1922 @KarlythePanda66 @ParkHwaYoung @ezzygomez24 @MariaMontoya1 @twistedPuppy @KassieXiong @luna1171 @PrettieeEmm @ElishaFisher @PriyaBala @ammagrande @aliendestina @PancakesRios @SarahHm11 @MrsJungHoseok @Stephany123 @LemonLassie @Starbell808
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