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A little love from the members to the awesome killer vocal Kihyun <3

(161122) Wonho’s Fancafe update

(picture 1) Hyunwoo who is contemplating about what birthday gift to give Kihyun (2) “No wait should I give him a straw wrapper~?” (3) “No wait let’s give him high quality toothpaste” (4) “Oh then let’s actually just give him a toothbrush” (5) “No, no in the winter, it should be sunscreen” (6) “Actually as expected, shoehorns are it (feat. stylist)” (T/N: it says “Jisun’s!”) ϟ translated by monstaxtrans (freakin' Wonho! lol)


My friend, it’s really tiring, right? You go through a lot by always waking me up and comforting me by my side. Because you’re there, I think our team is able to move more smoothly. I always learn from watching you. Happy birthday and I hope that you will always sing with your honey vocals like now without a change. Sorry for being late again this year following last year’s too; I’ll congratulate you next year without being late. Happy birthday once more. ϟ translated by monstaxtrans

(161122) Wonho’s Fancafe update

Our Kihyun who I have the most fate and deepest affection for You can’t see it in the team but he takes care of it Happy birthday to Kihyun who becomes more affectionate as time goes by Thank you for always taking care of this lacking hyung and caring for me Kihyunie who’s good at donating his talents kekekeke Although it’s only an okay song it always sounds better after you sing it Thank you for being born and thank you for being our Kihyunie A reality that you’re always taking care of Monbebe I love you ah although it’s cringey but thank you I’m the last one to wish you a happy birthday euhahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Here’s a bonus picture of us sleeping together ϟ translated by kinghyungwon


Is it really your birthday? It felt good having the seaweed soup you made and it was really fun~ ㅋㅋㅋ happy birthday ϟ translated by moneggi


Yoo Kihyun, today’s your day. I’m always thankful that there’s someone like you in the team. I feel embarrassed to say things like this normally so I would never be able to, but I wanted to say to you that I’m always thankful in many aspects. Sincerely congratulate your birthday, my friend #KIHYUNDAY


It was your day not too long ago, but my day came by really quick. Thanks and even if you don’t say these embarrassing words, hyung knows everything you rascal thanks see you later. ϟ translated by monstaxtrans


Our Yoo Kihyun hung!! I sincerely wish you a good birthday, and that you get cooler next yearㅋㅋㅋ Our main vocal hyung! Hyung’s voice is the greatest~ Next year, let’s complain lessㅜㅜㅋㅋ #KIHYUNDAY #PhotographerKyunWhoTakesPictures


And when was this one taken too… Anyways, thanks so much and my nagging will always be there ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ ϟ translated by monstaxtrans


Our Kyunie hyung, it’s not till long until your birthday is gone..Although the day is cold, our warm love for Yoo Kihyun, let’s finish this year off well.This is cute #KIHYUNDAY


When did you take this… It’s a picture that even I don’t know about… Thanks and let’s finish up well I love you ϟ translated by monstaxtrans

Monsta Mod Team:


Awwwww THEYRE ALL SO SAPPY AND ADORABLE I LOVE IT 😍😍 except for papa Shownu of course 😂😂😂 what a cute dork ❤️💜 (less words for wifey just means more meaning behind them lmaoooooo)
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Oh geeze 😂😂😂 true
So cute!