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🏝20 days One Pice challge! 💀⛵Day 5 Sanji


My boy BLACK FOOT SANJI! I really liked Sanji when he first came out in One piece cause of how chill and cool he was. He really impressed me when he started to attacke hahah cause I was like "This guy's is a really great cook and respects women how is he going to fight?" LOL i really thought he was going to use kitchen tools to fight hahah but man when he started using them legs I WAS LIKE HOLY CRAP THIS DUDE IS WRECKING WITH HES LEGS!!! hahahah So yeah aside that Sanji is a great cook.... he's also a very funny character when come down to him and Zoro arguing LOL hahah No lie tho one thing I don't like alot of people call Sanji WEAK wich I don't like cause in my opinion I think he's Extremly strong! hahah I will explain below ;)
Okay SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS part in the anime really shocked me hahah When Don flamingo was about to get Nami and Chopper but Sanji Comes out of no where and block Flamingos attack!!!!!!!!! My jaw dropped lol I was LIKE NO WAY! I thought law was going to save them hahah but yeah This part in the anime confirmed for me that Sanji is pretty powerful. >:)

Diable Jambe!!!!!!

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