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Part: Chapter 7
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Warning: Strong language.
Info: Yoongi x Arlene x Jimin
Yoongi's P.O.V:
It was 12:15am, and boy was i glad to be back at the dorm. Instantly, i tossed my tired, sweaty, over-worked body onto the living room couch. This dance was hell. I had to give Jiminie, Kookie, and Hop-y props. They were always at the front, busting their asses, and in this dance i'm only at the front for 20 seconds and i'm this exhausted! I don't know how they do it...
A knock at the door pulled me out of my thoughts. I tilted my head to the side to look at Namjoon, who was focused on his phone, as usual. He knew i was looking at him though. I really wasn't going to get up, and he knew that. Sighing, he got up and answered the door. I closed my eyes, softly tapping my fingers on my stomach.
"Oh, Arlene! Yoongi-ah did tell me you were coming, I'm sorry i forgot," Namjoon spoke to her. I wanted so badly to get up and greet her. To smile and hug her, but my body was so fucking done that i couldn't.
"Ah, that's alright." She responded in English. The rest of their conversation was in English, and i could barely understand, so I just silently listened.
"You mind if i talk to you in English? Honestly, Korean fucks up my tongue and i haven't spoken to anyone in English besides my mom."
"Yea, it's cool. I could use practice on mine." I heard the door close.
"Well i see Yoongi's tired. Maybe i shouldn't have come-"
"Nah, he's just tired from dancing. He's... hurt- no! No, he's sore. That's the word." She giggled and i couldn't help but wonder what the fuck they were talking about. Were they talkin' shit? I heard my name... and dancing... but what the fuck was 'sore?'
"Yes Namjoon, you do need a bit more practice on your English.... Boo!" Arlene whisper shouted at me. The living room light was covered by her cute little face as she hovered over me.
"Guess what i got." She asked me in Korean. I squinted at her, wondering what she could be so excited about having. Unless it was a new heart to replace the dead one i had, or new feet to replace mine that were screeching in pain, i don't think i'd be impressed or excited...
"Vodka." She chimed. I raised an eyebrow, nodding my approval. I stood corrected. That was probably the best thing I'd heard all day... besides her cute moans mixed with Jiminie's. I sat up, feeling the strain on my back and legs as i did. I flinched, sighing as i leaned against the back of the sofa. My back was grateful for the cushion.
"Half that fucking bottle is mine." I groaned. She sat next to me, happily handing the entire thing to me. I closed my eyes, resting my head against the back of the sofa, then opened the bottle and gulped down about 2 shots. The burn down my throat didn't even phase my tired ass.
"That's the good shit," I sighed, refusing to open my eyes. I rested my arm on her thigh that was bare. My hand smoothed over her soft skin, and i wondered just how much of it was exposed. I decided to leave it up to my imagination as her fingers fell over mine. It felt as if she wanted to hold my hand, but since i didn't know, i just let her hand rest over mine that was resting on her inner thigh.
"Jimin's here, never fear," Jiminie chimed from the stairs. I peaked one eye open to see him hopping all hyper as fuck down the stairs. Honestly... how... really how the hell? Did he not just dance all fuckin' day, or was that just me? He smiled at Arlene who happily greeted him.
"Wow Yoongi-yah... this practice has really been hard on you hasn't it." Jiminie asked concerned. I nodded, closing the one eye i had open. I took another shot down, yawning right after. My face didn't even contort. At this point, it was like drinking thick, hot water.
"Alright, I shall help!" I could almost hear the smile on his face as he said that. His hands worked their way over my thighs, massaging them gently. My muscles screamed and clenched in protest, but after a while of his slow and patient massages, they gave in, happily accepting the help. I smiled, opening both of my eyes a little to look down at him. He was concentrating on which muscles in my legs and thighs were the most tense. His nose twitched slightly and cutely, and i couldn't help but smile.
"Jiminie," I whispered tiredly. He looked up at me, his lips pursed and eyes on me, waiting for me to continue. Though, he didn't stop rubbing small but rough slow circles around my muscles. I reached down to brush a bit of his hair out of his face, and continued. "Saranghae."
He smiled, blushing furiously as he tried to go back to focusing on what he was doing. I knew he wouldn't be able to focus on anything else but what i said. I never said it much, in fact, i think I've only ever said that seriously twice before. Whenever i tell him that i love him, it's meant to sound brotherly or friendly. He can tell when it's not though, and i don't say it in a romantic way often... but there's no hiding that i'm in love with him, even if i don't say it. He knows it, and the guys know it. Now, Arlene does too, but i have a feeling that she doesn't mind one bit.
I closed my eyes, shutting out my own thoughts, and dozing off pretty quickly.
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