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Hey Diary,

Today was... Unexpected to say the least. He showed up just like he said he would which took me by surprise. I honestly thought that he was kidding with me or that he would have forgotten or something like that.
But he didn't. And of course he scared me as I was dozing off in the corner from staying up too late last night. So when the door closed loudly and he was standing in front of me, it took everything I had not to scream (or quite literally pee my pants).
But anyways, you probably just want to know how it went right? See if he made some moves on me or accidentally brushed my shoulder while I was teaching him to dance. Well no Diary. No sweet little heart fluttering moments for you today.
We just started dancing right off the bat and he was so into it. He caught on to the dance very quickly and made it seem like it was easy (which it is anything but). He matched my pace and watching us dance together to the same music was like a dream come true.
It really was awesome. You can tell that he loves dancing too. He wanted to be so precise and on beat that we practiced over and over again until he got it right. And when he finally did get to a T, it was like we connected in a way. Like we had just shared a special moment between the two of us and it was ours to remember.
Maybe I am just too sappy of a person Diary but is bad that I want to get closer to him? To become a friend?
But when we stopped and he asked if we could do the same time tomorrow, I readily agreed. His grin was so huge I thought it was going to fly off his face. It made me happy Diary.
Who knows what time will bring but maybe - just maybe - I won't be friendless forever.
Well it is time for this worn-out, old lady to get to bed.
See you later.

Thanks for reading and see you all soon! XD

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Oh ya, it's definitely Jongup. But wait....Zelo dances too!!!!! 😣😣 And who is the member she has a crush on!?!? Daehyun?? Probably, or Youngjae!?!?! I donr think it's Himchan or Yongguk 😓 But what if it is!?!?!
The dancing part made me think it was Zelo but the smiling part makes me think it's Yongguk