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Ok so I have been seeing a lot of vinglers saying that vingle is not like it used to be and I totally get where you're coming from...I don't know there's just something that has changed...I feel like we've gotten distant...it's also my fault since I haven't been as active as before...So I thought....

Lets talk!!!!

Let's get to know each other a little better....

Make a card and talk about what you fell in love with by getting into Kpop

Oh and don't forget to tag me!!! XD

I'll go first.... HI MY NAME IS CLAUDIA!!!! I stumbled upon Kpop two years and I've been here since! I'm a socially awkward person but once you get to know me I'm a talker...


Kaisoo in general make my day...seriously their just too adorable for this world...

BTS Songs

Their lyrics can be so deep and inspirational then just plain weird the next but no matter what I always feel like I can conquer the world when I listen to their music

Reply 1997

I could watch a hundred dramas but I'll always come back to this one...this was not my first drama but there's just something about it that just makes me happy!


Seriously Kpop introduced me to some amazing people and you guys are one of them...I could honestly talk about Jungkook's thighs or Sehun's butt for an hour and I won't get judged (well maybe a little) and that's what I love about the Kpop family...we understand each other (mostly...) and support one another!
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Yay!!!! let bring back vingle
I don't know how to do that but it's a cool idea. I got into GD and Big Bang. Now I am super obessive over BTS and KNK.
love this idea will try to make one soon I'm with you on reply 1997 I could watch that a million times and not get bored!!
I really like this idea
this is going to be fun