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Lol close enough. I can't hold on until tomorrow anyway lol. So we'll find out what Mel has been up to through Yoongi's eyes of course. Got a couple things coming out from the wood work here. P.S. the things that happen are completely made up for story, please don't get mad at me for what said character says
Yoongi view*** I got a text from Keri telling me she wouldnt be able to go running in the morning since she started writing her newest book. I thought back on those times at the coffee shop where I would spot her sitting In a corner with her labtop open and concentrating and typing so fast it was a whirlwind of tapping. A few times I had sat by her and even tried to ask her what she was writing, she was so focused she never even looked away from her screen or acted like she heard me. If she was going to be in that state she probably wouldn't talk to me until she snapped out of it. Gosh I may have only been talking with her for a couple weeks but I'd been watching her for months now. That time I actually caught her eye I felt so proud that she noticed me at last. Just now, I also had her friends attention as well, and that bugged me. Damn me for exchanging numbers with her. "Dude that chick is still following us" Jimin said when we came back from our run. "Just leave it. She'll get tired of watching nothing soon" I said hoping that was true. My phone beeped and I looked to see a text. Mel:  you look so hot running this morning! Mel was texting me. What the hell!? I didn't bother texting back and chose to ignore her. As the day went on I was so focused on working on our routine that when our manager came in to get us for dinner he was fumming. "What's going on Manager?" Namjoon questioned him as I grabbed a bottle of water. "Some girl keeps telling everyone who walks in here that BTS sucks and they have no talent. "We have haters!" Tae asked curiously. Namjoon gave him a look. "Tae its not a good thing that we have haters already. We need to make a name for ourselves first" Namjoon told him making Tae worry. "So it's bad we have haters?" Tae questioned. "Well at least our name is getting around." I shrugged looking at the bright side. Hey any publicity is good. If the girl got people curious about our music they check us out and our talent would prove the commentary wrong. "Easy for you to be calm about it?" The manager scoffed. "You don't have to deal with shutting it down" he added. I just shrugged. He was kind of right. I wasn't going to be the one to stop it. "Yoongi your phone is ringing" Jin said. He threw my phone to me and I answered. "You are so screwed. What I'm going to do to you will make you hurt and want to break up with Keri!" Mel's voice came on.  I was stunned. "Mel what are you doing?" I asked. "I'm making you fall before you even can make it big!" She said. Then started crying on the phone. "Your making me do this. I would never have resorted to this if you went out with me instead of Keri" she cried. "You don't have to do this" I said angrily. "Yes I do. So you can see what will happen when your dating a nobody like Keri" she shouted into the phone. She hung up after that. Instead of telling the guys right away I called Keri up, maybe she would have some insight on what her friend was doing.  She didn't answer her phone though. "What's going on?" Namjoon asked. "Mel. Shea going crazy because I didn't go out with her" I told them. I told them about the call I just received and it had them worried. They said anything she does we can handle and she'll quit when she realizes that it will make no difference. Yea, that didn't happen. Over the next two days rumors started up about me. First it was that I got into the company because I was discovered on a porn site and I had a handsome face. Then when that was covered up that a crazy anti fan was spreading false rumors then the next rumor started that I was dating someone, a fat girl that was a nobody and didnt deserve to date me. The beginning of this week was hell with the amount of rumors spreading through our fan pages. It was starting to effect our spirit to work hard when I was continually under attack. It wasn't enough to spread these false accusations, Mel would then call me and tell me she's sorry but I was making her do this. Like it was all my fault. She would lord over me that she had the power to bring me down. Finally I got so pissed off that when she called our manager took my phone from me and said he's confiscating it so that I wouldn't have to worry about hearing from her. He gave it to Namjoon when he left the room and I wanted it to stay in the room in case Keri ever called me back. I was in the middle of practicing when my phone went off. "Again! What is she doing now!" Namjoon was angry on my place. Namjoon grabbed my phone and was about to yell at her but I watched as his face went blank and confused. "Yoongi" he called to me. I started walking over to him. "Someone is apologizing to you" he said and  looked at the phone and mouthed something.  I saw red. I yelled into my phone telling her to quit calling me and I did have someone else and it wasn't her. When I hung up Namjoon looked really pale. "Uh yoongi, that was Keri" he said. I looked at him startled. "What! Why didn't you tell me!" I shouted. Shit I just yelled at my girlfriend. After not getting ahold of her for three days I figured she heard nothing that was happening with me. "Call her back! Apologize for being an ass and yelling at her" tae shouted startling me. I quickly dialed her number and she answered after several rings and was crying. After the phone call I turned to Namjoon Tae and Kooki who were all staring at me expectantly. "Are you going to her place? Tae asked. "Yes I'm going to head over and see her. I should tell her what's going on too if she hasn't already scrolled through my texts" I sighed. I did not like hearing Keri cry over the phone. "Good man. You should go see her after that  call" Namjoon clapped me on the shoulder. "I'm taking the van" I said. "Van is dead, tires slashed remember" he said. "Still getting new ones on" "Shoot. Okay Taxi it is" I sighed. Damn. I made my way to Keri's house and stood there on the porch for a moment. She had a small house nestled in a tiny rural area. I hadn't expected a house but an apartment, granted this seemed like her. Her having her own space. I knocked on the door and then rang the bell just in case. A moment later it opened and Keri stood in front of me with her baggy shirt on her hair tostled in a bun atop her head. She looked so cute and small standing in front of me. I pulled her to me and hugged her. "Oh Keri I'm so sorry" I told her.
Oh wow! did Mel get carried away or what! some of the things she does ugh. it started happy with Yoongi remembering how he had been watching Keri for a while before he actually got together with her, hehe love that part then Mel mel, sigh, you definitely taking vengence out. lol okay done with my comments lol
yup yup yup seee i was so right sge does not deserve anyone. totally psycho
so cute! how he actually noticed her waaaay before! wohhhh mel on the other hand... restraining order for both yoongi and Keri! P.S. I LOVE that you comment on your story at the bottom! it's so much fun to read your thoughts too!
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it's my pleasure, look forward to how they'll sort Mel out!^^~
Mel. Is. A. Big. Bitch. She needs to be slapped across the face..With a chair. No, she needs a hug. Around her neck. Dude, put me in that story and I'll beat Mel's ass, I'll bitch-slap her sideways all the way to next week! 😡😡😡😡 anyway, that's so cute that he wanted Keri to notice him before they even met, that's so sweet! Like ~~notice me Keri senpai~~ 😊
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@FromBlue2U 😅 how did you know I was working on those parts today. lol
one good ass whipping. That's exactly what this Mel broad needs...
Wow...crazy much!? lol Mel Mel Mel *smh*
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