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Hello lovelies! I have several cards to make but I wanted to start with the one that is the most important to me......
Yes that's right , YOU GUYS!!!!! This card is about you. I've been seeing cards that others have made about things not being the same anymore. And I'd have to say that I agree. I take my job as moderator very seriously. It's NOT my community, it is OURS. So I guess this is a "help me,help you" situation. I love being your moderator. I would hate to think that any of you are not enjoying our community anymore. So how about we do this, let's start and open and honest conversation about what changes we want to see. I'll start...........
I am terrible about letting my guard down and being completely open but for the sake of my family, I'm game. In case you didn't know, my name is Dani. I've fell in love with kpop over a year and a half ago. I am VERY multifandom. LOL with that being said, EXO has the biggest part of my kpop heart. EXO community is my happy place. Like many of you I live somewhere without a kpop community/family. So you guys are my one and only kpop family ( well if you don't count my mom). That is why I get upset seeing you guys unhappy. I am a fierce friend and I have a serious big sister personality. Now the hard part for me...........
Things that I think need to change 🐧For starters, knock it off with the fan wars! 🐧 Please shouldn't be persecuted for having an opinion you don't like. We all have our own opinions about things. Even if it is something you don't agree with , there is a way to get your point across. Some opinions are unpopular but that does not make not valid. 🐧Don't treat people like they are not a "real" kpop fan if they don't know something. We are a family so we should educate the younger family. And that doesn't just mean age, newer to kpop also. 🐧Be there for each other. I had this awesome girl my first day here. She showed me the "ropes". She has taught me about some many amazing groups that I now LOVE. I hate to think how far back along my kpop journey I would be without her. I might not know who Topp Dogg or Cross Gene are. 🙀 SCARY THOUGHT!!!! And to this day she is one of my best friends. Thank you @AimeeH. Also what are some activities that you guys would like to see in the community. My squad and I were thinking about another fanfic contest. I already have prizes picked out!
Well I got it started. Now it is up you guys to help me make this the community you want it to be. Think of the comments section as a coffee shop. Let's just have a chat. Love you guys ! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Overdose Mod and Mod Squad @Tigerlily84 and @AimeeH @PrincessUnicorn @SugaKookieV @ESwee @twistedPuppy @AaliyahNewbell Exo Tag: @PrettieeEmm @MaggieHolm @twistedPuppy @SugaOnTop @karinamiranda81 @JaxomB @Sailynn @lilbr0wneyes @EvilGenius @CrystalBlunt @Emealia @SusiBosshammer @PancakesRios @TaliaMay14 @AlyssaGelet818 @bubblekookie @MaeLyn @netchtiBates @IsoldaPazo @SerenityThao @resavalencia @Kitty17 @swarrier16 @EmilyPeacock @KiinLyr @NathashaXavier @jimin21abs @ErinGregory @mrsjeon @BekiKunstman @AlexErica @heidichiesa @HeichousRegalia @DianaBell @Isolate @DaisyPhun @MiahCisneros @LmJSuper @pharmgirlerin @AraceliJimenez @KellyOConnor @tayunnie @unnieARMkeY @AubriPope @Starbell808 @fallchild @MrsJungHoseok @ESwee @elainarenea @Xoxojessica12 @ashleyemmert @selfishmachines @JasmineMartinez @EmilyPeacock @ashleyemmert @StefaniTre @BereniceMaqueda @ScarlettMermaid @Momina427 @Kpossible4250 @DinaEXO @ExoPlanetGirl @AmberRelynn @thedopeshow1994 @sherrysahar @CrazyMaknae14 @SarahHowlter @AlmaRangel @elainarenea @Vanro @nikkynoel @LaurenStrayhorn @KarenGuerra93 @clandrea170 @Baekyeol27 @QueenLele @HeichousRegalia @FromBlue2U @aliahwhbmida @NadineEsquivel @zzzdonk @Anna5221 @JeniseRamos @harmonico @firstladyofaomg @daljiyong @Xoxojessica12 @maricela17mrn @JadeOwens @screamoparadise @SweetDuella @ParkHwaYoung @shelbyhusband @Amairani97 @jerrilynnpope @YessicaCardenas @curlyhairedfox @yukigintokie @amethystiperez @QueenPandaBunny @leilakyrsten @BTSxEXO @DeniseNishikawa @KendraReeve @micahirene @Foxxyjinxx @CristinBarnes @mrsax2018 @Chace @CamrynCherry @hayoungforever @jojojordy2324 @TaylorPriddy @mitchix5 @CrookedShadow @LinnyOk @AlenaSegura @missjackson2635 @SNBlackRose TAGGING THE OVERDOSE SQUAD!!! You can join the squad if you would also like to be updated on everything EXO ^.^ @Starbell808 @KellyOConnor @fallchild @ShinoYuki @annevictoriaaa @ScarletMermaid @koinii @YailinTejeda @tiffany1922 @LizHolder @HikariAkuhei @SimplyAwkward @CrystalV @cennajp @kpoplover492 @MrsJungHoseok @KarenGuerra93 @Defy24601 @1kpop @JeniseRamos @JessicaEvaristo @AlexAckerman @Starbell808 @Sammyjuicoooo @ESwee @LeannePratt @hammin747 @Kpossible4250 @JohnEvans @ZionPerezFlower @selfishmachines @IsoldaPazo @Yongsomi @ChauncyVSutton @TabithaRose @Sukii @BetseyBleau @dragoncrisis @sherrysahar @awkwardjazzy @Tigerlily84 @MadAndrea @MelissaGarza @AmberRelynn @LaurenStrayhorn @OhSehunnie @DesireeChucklez @AubriePope @LiAiko13 @BaBook @dyotella @EXOAsF @AdriannaFletc @chowchowneko @xeroxerox @zhac16 @NasiaWright @Xoxojessica12 @ruthmilian89 @ExoPlanetGirl @LovelyHana17 @ZwankimaWalker @MelinaHernandez @thedopeshow1994 @elainarenea @Momina427 @ruthmilian89 @thatphamily @aelitasrones123 @misakiroing @Shadyllamas @mraax2018 @Rosa420 @ashleyemmert @zzzdonk @VKookie47 @ot12exodus02 @Kyokeo @DinaEXO @kawaiichibifox Vingle Family: A➖ @AaliyahNewbell @Abbyhudson @adritha13 @AmbieB @amobigbang @AnaP @andreaimnida @AraceliJimenez @awkwardjazzy B➖ @BetseyBleau C➖ @CamrynCherry @clandrea170 @CrystalBlunt D➖ @DeniseiaGardner @dyotella E➖ @EliseB @ElleHolley @Emealia @EmilyGardner @Exoexo F➖ @fallchild H➖ @HopeElizabeth I➖ @IsoldaPazo J➖ @JaxomB @JeniseRamos @jerrilynnpope @JinsPrincess86 K➖ @karinamiranda81 @katiems @KellyOConnor @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @Kpoplover1995 L➖ @LaurenStrayhorn @Lexxcisco @LizHolder @luvexotbs M➖ @megancurrent9 @Mikim000 N➖ @narutobandgeek O➖ @obiterdictum @ot12exodus02 P➖ @PassTheSuga @PrettieeEmm Q➖ QueenPandaBunny R➖ @Roxy1903 S➖ @SarahHm11 @SassyMaknae @ScarletMermaid @selfishmachines @shelbyhusband @ShinoYuki @SimplyAwkward @StarishaRichard @SugaOnTop @Sukii @SweetDuella T➖ @TiffanyBibian @tinathellama @twistedPuppy @taetaebaozi V➖ @VKookie47 W➖ @woahdersierra X➖ @XergaB20 @xxxtina
Omo Dani you opened up so much 💜💜💜 you are def top shelf friend material lol. I like your ideas on change, the wars are getting old and wish they would stop. 😃😊. 🐼💜🐧
Lol thank you sweetie
I totally understand you...vingle is the only place I can talk about kpop...so to see my friends hurting because of rude comments hurts me
Dani I live you I hope we can get things back to normal
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@SugaKookieV yes I did know that lol 😽