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You read that right!
G-Dragon has partnered up with the (RED) organization to raise money in the fight to end AIDS.
Your prize for donating to this wonderful charity? GD will take you on a tour of the YG building and then have a private meal with you!
Don't live in Korea?
That's fine! Because they will fly you out and GD will pick you up!
For full information on how to enter and donate please go HERE.
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I really want to enter this but 1. Broke af 2. 1 in a billion chances to actually win this dinner with GD 3. I'll probably die if I see GD in person before we can even take off to Korea, that or have heart problems afterwards
would love to donate just for the sake of donating, but i'm on the college budget :'(
can i get TOP lol. sorry i will GD to @bbxgd lmao.
I thought of her the moment I saw the contest! haha!
All my money is about to go to this. After my bills that is...or I'd have to live with him. I can dream about that instead but dinner would be nice.
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