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This is the second to last chapter....seriously dpne with wrting long stories because school gets in the sorry...but im trying to go to college.
I didn't know that when Yugyeom came over that day he was already struggling, As his friend i should've known. Yoongi drove me to the hospital. "Mark!" "Where is he?" Bam Bam started crying harder than he already was. JB put his hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down "He's dead." Mark fell to the floor in anguish, how could this have happened. He wished he never agreed to not talk with Yugyeom!....He never should have, now he would never be able to talk with him again. And two days later, Mark found out that Yugyeom had committed suicide. Mark completely shut down, because his mind kept going back to the last day he ever saw Yugyeom. How their lips moved together, how Yugyeom moaned into his mouth as Marks tongue touched his, as the rolled their bodies together to emit pleasure. Then to the time right before their just right concert, they were both stressed, so to relieve some of it the slept together. 'I love you' Yugyeom whispered but Mark had pretended not to hear. ' I love you too' why couldn't he say it, Jackson, Yoongi? when he kissed Yugyeom he knew he didn't love Yoongi, when he slept with Yugyeom he knew he didnt completely love Jackson either, but he hadn't loved Yugyeom either. He now however had feelings for Yugyeom. But it was too late, on the third day, Mark and Yoongi broke up. Yoongi said that he couldn't trust Mark after the other had cheated on him. Understandable. On day four he was the last of Got7 to read Yugyeoms suicide note. "I know all of you are going to ask why i did it. The question is i don't know wether or not to jump or pull a trigger but i'll decide later when the time comes. My father just died recently i wasn't close to him but it's really taking it's toll on me. I wanted to see him before he died in the hospital but i wasn't able to. However i went to his grave to tell him that i'm gay, that i'm sorry i couldn't be the son he wanted me to be. I told my mother that i am gay as well...short story short she didn't take it well...she threw all my stuff out and put me out the house, and told me i wasn't her son anymore. My siblings refuse to talk to me as well. The loneliness i already had stared intensify. Then Mark happened, everytime he smiled i felt joy and before i knew it i was falling for him. However i knew my feelings weren't returned. However after certain things happened between us, Mark and I agreed not to talk to eachother for a while...the last wall was broken after that. I tried to convince myseld that i wasn't spiraling out of control but i am, and i just can't deal with it anymore. I know you all love me and i love you too, And Mark if you ever read this, it wasn't your fault i swear...just the accumalation of things has become to much to bear, Just promise one thing you guys, that no matter what you will keep Got7 going....even though it wont be seven of us anymore." Day seven Mark felt numb and dead he just wanted to see Yugyeom again. Yugyeom had said 'To pull the trigger or to jump was the question.' Yugyeom had jumped but Mark pulled the trigger. But he was happy because he could see Yugyeom...the other had come to greet him with a sad smile on his face. "You weren't supposed to be here." "i missed you." and Mark kissed Yugyeom as darkness enveloped the both of them.
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Now that was depressing.