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After this, you guys will be able to read Korean! All you need to do is practice to remember the letters. If you ever get discouraged, just remember, it took you years to understand and speak English when you were a kid. This is that same concept. Now let's get to learning!
- k/g - kk - n - t/d - dd - r/l (This is a rolling the tongue sound [like Spanish!].) - m - b/p - bb - s - ss - This is silent at the start of a syllable (like a placeholder. Just like what we do with 'k's in words like knock), but has a 'ng' sound at the end of a syllable. I'll help you with this! Don't worry! - ch/j (It's like a sound in between) - jj - ch - k - t - p - h
Some of those needed no explanation, but some of those do. Practice this and the last card to build up your memory. In the next card, I'll tell you how the syllables work and you'll learn a couple words from that! Comment any questions you have for right now and I will happily answer them, especially if you're asking for clarification! See ya next time! 161123