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So I wasn't going to make more, but since I keep getting attacked here we are for part two ^_^ If you missed part one you can read it >>> here <<<
June's Pov After the initial shock settled, a smirk danced onto my lips, as my eyes never left Yongguk's. “Don't get too comfortable in my chair hyung.” I chuckled digging in my pocket until I felt the familiar touch of my phone. “Seems like your little friend doesn't know when he has lost, does he?” Daehyun laughed in the middle of his battle with Bobby. “You seem to forget, we know Noona better than anyone especially Junhwe-ssi.” Bobby snickered from across the room. “Hey Hyung we have a code red.” I chuckled into the phone after I heard a door slam. “Code red?” Kookie questioned tossing another handful of popcorn into his mouth. “Did you just?” Bobby erupted with laughter, already aware of what I had just done. Unable to help her curiosity any longer, I saw Noona slowly making her way out from behind the chair. “June did you really?” Her velvet voice sang out as she looked towards me full of worry. “ Don't worry Noona you will at least enjoy your death.” I snickered just as the door swung open revealing a panting Jinhwan. “You said code...Oh I see.” Jinhwan rushed in, but quickly realized the situation looking between everyone in the room. “Just what has happened since I have been gone?” He smirked looking up towards me, taking my hand in his own. “You would have to ask Noona that one hyung.” I smirked as we both looked over towards where she was standing frozen. “Wait I am not following this at all.” Daehyun grumbled looking between everyone. “Noona has a major weakness.” Bobby managed to mumble in between laughter. “Noona that reminds me!” Jinhwan quickly shouted rushing over towards her with a smile. “I saved these for you from the last time June came over!” He smiled brightly handing over a stack of pictures to a more than eager Noona. “June you ready?” He smirked just as her entire face flushed seconds before she was falling into my open arms. “Sweet dreams Noona.” I chuckled carrying her over to the couch. “What just happened?!” Yongguk finally spoke looking towards the now sleeping girl. “Noona has a weakness hyung, and that is my chair.” I smirked while he slowly stood up making his way over towards Noona. “This means war.” He smirked looking back towards me from my now reclaimed throne. Jinhwan's Pov “ Is that popcorn?” I smiled down towards the boy sitting in the corner. “Well one can't enjoy the show without Popcorn can they Hyung?” He smiled as I took a seat next to him. “And this is a pretty great show isn't it.” I smirked looking towards the chaos June had invited me back into. “Popcorn?” The one called kookie offered with a grin.
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did they drug you?
😅😅😅😅 no they didn't drug me
Yay!!!! Go June!! Fighting lil one!!!
😂😂😂😂😂 just wait byg will be back on top
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I see that I'll just join kookie with the popcorn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
no seriously, did I miss somethinh
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OK, wait. did I miss the battles before this "war" began? WHAT'D I MISS?!!! *shoots popcorn up and smooth... crunch crunch crunch! *😄😄😘