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This is what Taenggu said when I said I will quit instagram because I don't have any pictures left to upload.. // Taeyeon: You are suppose to upload when you have something to upload. But you are making something to upload instead. Heechul: Oppa don't go poop when he has to go. I just make myself want to go. Taeyeon: You just do what you want, huh Heechul: so your oppa is best best guy? ;D Taeyeon: Best best guy :O :O Heechul: Indonesia? India Nesiya*? O_O *(인도네시아= Indonesia / 인도 네시야? = It's four in India? (pronounced as Indo Nesiya) aka pun) Taeyeon: No, it's 10 Heechul: You aren't hitting back to my rhyme Taeyeon: Rhyme is lemon lime Heechul: Please is Lee Sora-ime (5 hours ago) 'ROYAL SUNDAY' Cho, Sung - Min, "spring water tablets' geonhui, SUPER JUNIOR Space big star Kim, Ki - Bok Kim Cherry panic wreck game otaku I love fashion fashion terrorist milky Kim, Hee - Chul Kim, Hee - Chul (10 hours ago)