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"Yaah!" She yelled as loud as she could. "Keep it down! Some people are trying to sleep!"
The ruckus settled for a good five minutes until a spur of yelling rose up again, making her grunt in annoyance. She kicks off her blankets and picks up the sweatshirt off the floor to slide it on.
"It's 5 in the afternoon, can't anyone understand the importance of a siesta? I've got a meeting with batman later tonight." She grumbled while she throw open the door and stormed towards the source of the noise.
"YAAHH! Could you keep it down please!?" She yelled once more, before realizing what was going on.
"Hi Sail!"
She blinked twice to make sure she was awake. "What the hell is going on here?" Her eyes instantly narrowing down on the passed out Unnie in June's arms. "Oh hell. What did you do this time June?"
"It wasn't me, it was Yongguk."
"What?" Yongguk growled.
"Why the hell Sam knocked out in your arms?" Sailynn hissed, walking straight up to June and pulling the passed out Unnie from his grasp. "You know, if I wouldn't have understood the circumstances so well, I would have dubbed this as a drug deal or something."
Bobby instantly broke out into laughter, "you're so funny Sail."
Sailynn stopped to shoot him a death glare. "Ya'll woke me up. I am NOT in the mood to joke."
"Sail, we'll be good as soon as June gets the throne back," Jinhwan smiled kindly.
Sailynn scoffed. "Is this is what all the ruckus was about?"
All the boys in the room nod their heads. Even the golden maknae in the corner slowly chewing the popcorn in his mouth.
Sailynn shook her head. "Why?"
"Because the day we started to hang out, Yongguk began to come over and I heard it was your doings," June answered.
Sailynn stares at him long and hard. "Are you serious blaming me for this? I don't even know these guys that well."
"June, don't get her mad." Bobby hissed at him.
"Jungkook." Sailynn snapped, making Kookie jump up. "Grab Sam from me and take her to her room, please."
"Yes, noona!" Kookie bowed and rushed over to Sailynn, taking Sam under his arm.
"I'll help!" Daehyun smiled, only to be stopped when Sailynn glared at him too.
"You five are staying here to discuss this like adults."
"You trust Jungkook with Noona?" Jinhwan asked.
"I trust him more than I do any of you right now actually."
June turns towards Jinhwan, "This is going to be quick hyung. We can just throw Jiwon hyung at her."
Sailynn gasped. "Oh. Oh hell no." She walked past the iKON members and straight to Yongguk, pulling on his arm to make him lead down so she could whisper in his ear.
"Sail." Bobby demanded. "What are you doing?"
Sailynn lets go of the now smiling Yongguk and turned over to whisper something else in Daehyun's ear before turning back to the iKON members. "Well I was going to help you out June," she said with Yongguk resting his arm on her shoulder. "But since you keep being a little ass to me regardless of our 97 line alliance, I won't."
All three iKON mouths dropped.
"Sail, don't do this. You're a YG stan....." Jinhwan's voice slowly disappeared.
She scratched her head. "Do you guys honestly not know me? Did Sam ever tell you what I did to Jojo? Geez."
Daehyun laughed. "I think we're ready when you're ready Sail. Right hyung?"
Yongguk took a step back and pulled off his shirt then sat back down on the throne. "I'm already getting comfortable in this spot so I don't have much to worry about. We can count on our new 97er dongsaeng to Sail us towards victory."
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