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It's been so long since I posted a book review! Actually, it's been a long time since I've been on Vingle in general. Life happens, and time just seems to pass by really quickly, y'know? Speaking of time passing by inconspicuously, this novel, Tuck Everlasting, is about a family that can't ever grow old or just like, die, in general.
Enter Winnie, a little girl who meets this family and learns their secret (they accidentally became immortal after drinking from a spring). In a series of events that occur as Winnie comes to know more about the Tucks, more and more incidents happen that expedite the Tucks' need to move to a different town. Ultimately, Winnie must choose between the now and then.
Not exactly a mood-lifter, but it is a make-you-thinker (haha). I'm sure every person has wondered about what immortality constitutes, but this family here live it. They struggle with loneliness and pain and the exiled feeling of being apart from a society they so long to be a part of.
Sometimes, when I delve deep into a philosophical question and there just seems to be no answer, there's a hollow feeling deep in my gut that's an uncomfortable hnnnng feeling that makes me question existence, and makes me want to believe in God. This book is such said philosophical question.
Each member of the Tuck family had a different perspective on their eternal life, because they all had different experiences and are at different ages. Throughout the novel, Winnie learns through each of the perspectives and what to make of the knowledge. What's your opinion on living forever? What about after reading the novel? I don't remember if I cried, but it's not much of a tear-jerker, just a make-you-thinker mostly.
The descriptions in this book are also very detailed, and really give off an image of the little town they live in. The landscape was illustrated beautifully but also gave off feelings of mystery and helplessness and the prairie life (is that weird? that I imagined a "Little House on the Prairie" vibe?). Anyway, it's a great book. You should read it. Maybe you'll find some Pinterest-worthy quotes and post them on Tumblr.
So, if you're looking for a new read, pick up this book from a local library! I swear you'll love me for recommending this book.
PS. this book's been made into two movies (one by Disney) and a Broadway musical too!