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I sorry panda got distracted with Pentagon comeback!!!! lol all of a sudden I saw that. Anyway. I have special!! so the first part is Mel's view the second part is Keri's view and going back to her and Yoongi as Yoongi tells her what has been happening.
Mel's view**** I stayed up all night. I couldn't get past the fact that Keri, the girl who has never had a boyfriend before, mostly cuz I scared all those losers away from her before she could notice, but she seriously got the guy. I was seething with jealousy that he went for Keri and not me. "Oh you just wait. I'm going to make you regret your choice" I said to myself. In the morning I got up and looked online to find all the fan pages for Bangtan boys or BTS and found a couple, next I did some research as to where their studio was and who their manager was. I had my work cut out for me. My first task was spreading rumors, I quickly made a few up and posted one before going down to the studio. There was so many people walking by. I started handing out to fliers that BTS didn't have any talent and to boycott them. When I got home, I regretted what I did I felt like such a fool, all over a guy that didn't even want me, but my pride wouldn't let me let it go. I dialed up yoongi's number and told him this was his fault, he was making me do this to him. I drank myself into a stuper, for 2 days straight I was completely drunk. At some point I had called Keri up and had begged her to just give me Yoongi. I wanted him so I should have him. Of course, that little witch didn't answer. I was in my bedroom when the door was thrown open. "Young lady what do you think you are doing! Why are you stinking of alcohol? Melissa get your butt out of bed and get downstairs NOW!" My mothers voice, raised and angry drew alarm bells! I sat up in bed and stared at her as she spoke. End of Mel's scene!!!
Here have a kookie while you wait. lol
what was said Previous to Keri's part !!! "It's about Mel" he said. "What did she do?" I asked slightly afraid to hear this. "I don't know how you approached her but she's a terror" he said. "How can you stand being friends with her?" He gave me a skeptical look. "Because she does care about me" I shrugged "I guess when it suits her. But I've known her for a long time" I added. "What has she been doing?" I asked nervous. Keri's view**** Current conversation "Keri she went from stalking me to slashing our vans tires" he stated a little furious. My eyes widened. "What!" I exclaimed. "She started spreading rumors around our fandom that I'm dating a nobody" he continued on. "She's showing up outside of  our studio and is telling lies that I got into this because I was a good whore with a pretty face" he was beyond pissed and he went on about all the things she had done, within three days. "The crazy thing in it all is that every time something happens she calls me and apologizes, like she wants me to know it was her doing. Then she tells me if I break up with you it'll stop" he said. I sat there taking it all in. How could Mel do this? She had never . . . . she had a vengence to be reckoned with. I sighed. "What? You don't believe me?" Yoongi asked dumbfounded. "No I definitely believe you" I said. "I just can't believe she's doing all that" I added. "Look Mel can be psycho when she feels like it. I've seen it and have reigned it in before, but she has never done it to me. I didn't think she would ever go after you" I tried to explain. He stood up all of a sudden and paced back and forth angrily running his hand through his hair. "Stop trying to explain her to me. Stop trying to decieve yourself and think she wouldn't ever do this to her friend because she has, she did. This is out of control. This is serious Keri" he exploded. I stayed quiet for a moment. Was I doing that? Deceiving myself as I continue to think  this is just Mel, just her personality. In truth she was hurting me behind my back and all because she didn't get her way. "I wasn't meaning to" I finally said quietly. "Its okay if you don't want to be with me because of the baggage I brought with me" I wasn't looking at him as I said this. Seriously I'd known him for a little over two weeks and I was ruining his life. I wouldn't blame him for dumping me and moving on. "You think I'm going to leave you because of this?" He chuckled making me look at him. He stopped pacing and came over to kneel in front of me. "Keri, you have very little faith in me" he said "But, its not like we've been going out that long and I'm already ruining your life" I said. He put his hands on either side of my face. "I'm sorry I blew up" he smiled weakly. "Your not the one ruining my life Keri, your not the one doing anything but being with me" he told me. "Really? You see it that way?" I asked. He grinned and leaned in to peck my lips with his. "Yes." He answered. "Okay. I'll talk to Mel and maybe I can get her to stop" I said. "Oh and how are you going to do that" he asked.  "Hmm like every other time. I'm going to tell her mother" I grinned. Yup that evil woman loved me like a second daughter, even as she scared the crap out of her own daughter. "Your going to tell on her to her mother?" Yoongi laughed. "That's so childish" "Oh but very effective" I added. "Mel is terrified of her mother. Shes like an ice queen" I said. "Shesh she's gotta be bad if you can tell" he chuckled. "Are you implying something mister?" I chuckled.  "Nope" he said then kissed me. When he pulled me away he looked around. "You want to show me around?" He asked looking around. "Why? are you curious?" I asked. "Yes" he grinned like a Cheshire cat. "Oh boy" I moaned as he started to kiss my neck. "No no mister I am not going to do it with you right after that" I said pushing at his shoulder, instead of laughing it off Yoongi actually pouted. That look I couldn't help but giggle and smile at him. "I'm not ready for that honey but I'm also not done kissing you" I leaned into him and pressed my lips to his. He tasted good, sweet.
Omo that last line, 'he tasted good, sweet.' then to see his face. omo make me blush boy! he he lots of suprises happening and wow I think they had a first of Yoongi exploding on her then her initiating make out session and was thank a hint there Yoongi. oh bad boy bad!!!!
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Ooooh Mel's in trouble with her momma but oh my gosh Yoongi and Keri are so stinking cute together.
I stan mel's mama! I wanna meet her properly!! lmaoooooo
@heidichiesa @TracyLynnn @FromBlue2U lol all waiting for mama to appear and see what she does lol
I cannot get enough of this story! Keri got herself a dark side😈 I'm liking it! go get mommy dear let's spice things up... or just set fire to Mel~^^ get it... fire... set fire...suga... owkai ima stop now~ too much sugar in me this morning... lol
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@sweetDuella Hehehe well in anycase! loving our evil conversations! hehehe and the villain as well as the cutie couple and his friends are adorable! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
wow this is so juicy