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Hello Vingle and Kpop Community! My name is Melissa. I'm Boys Republic Moderator. I'm really thankful for my Mod Supporters. I couldn't make it without them. I've made a playlist for the Royal squad: @AaliyahNewbell, @mbg3t, @jjrockstar and @JordanShuler
Boys Republic "Get Down"
Blackpink "Whistle"
GOT7 "Hard Carry"
BAP "1004 (Angel)"
BTS "I Need U"
Teen Top "Miss Right"
VIXX "Hyde"
Topp Dogg "Peekaboo"
GOT7 "Just Right"
Dean "Bonnie & Clyde"
Seventeen "Very Nice" I dedicated this playlist to the Royal Squad
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I loveeee you unnie!! And thank you sooo much!!! You mean soo much to me! Im so thankful for you and appreciate you!
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Thank you so much!!! I love the playlist!!! Love you!!!
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@jjrockstar You are so welcome! love you too!
a year ago
this playlist is lit
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@BabydollBre I am glad you like it
a year ago
The playlist is so amazing!!! Oh my gosh, love you Melissa!!!!
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@JordanShuler I'm glad you like it. love you too ❀
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