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I know it seems like just yesterday that Monsta X finished their Fighter promotions, but they have spilled the beans on having a follow-up comeback. Starship has not yet confirmed it, but Monsta X has said it for themselves. Monsta X will be coming back with 'Be Quiet' as a special comeback just how Hero was done last year with their broadcasting version. Watch the two clips below, if you don't believe me... Watch for yourself :)


HW: A song will come out soon. Should I give you a spoiler? *dance spoiler* MH: It seems like a lie, right? (JH: Suddenly a spoiler out of nowhere). You guys seem out of your minds. It’s real~ “Be Quiet Broadcasting Version”. Right now, everyone would say “haha hoho”, but next week or the week after that, you guys will be surprised! HW: Since Hyolyn-noona is promoting right now, so soon after. -translation credit: m-onstax
Also, watch this video above at 2:40. (it should automatically play at that time)


MH: About ‘Be Quiet Broadcasting Version’ you guys didn’t believe me, but it’s the truth. We’ve decided to have a special comeback. *different dance spoiler* -translation credit: m-onstax
They have said before that they really liked this song and wished to have performed it more, so it doesn't really surprise me.. but so soon?! Practically not taking a break.

What do you think?

Monsta Mod Team:


I'm so conflicted. On the one hand I'm super stoked for an MX comeback. It's only been a couple weeks since they ended the FIghter promotions, but I already miss seeing them performing. On the other hand, these guys really deserve a break. They have been working so hard for Monbebe and we love them for it but they should take a vacation before their next comeback. Sidenote: I AM SO HAPPY WONHO RE-DYED HIS HAIR!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
Us fans don't deserve a group so kind like this.. I understand they are working on getting more well known and they love this song so much they want to perform the whole version because Music banks practically would cut off this song so much, but I feel like all idols need to understand that they are human too.. A body can only handle so much.. I'm afraid the same thing from last year towards the end of Hero promotions will happen. Them getting injured and sick. Btw yeah that Wonho hair though 😁
I'm happy about new song but sad that they won't be resting soon.
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@bapastro so true! By overworking them can lead to injuries
Oh my gosh I had a feeling that Be Quiet was going to be the next comeback and like Queen was going to be a self-cam(this is still a theory of mine)! I am so excited! Yayay!
I'm excited, but I also want them to take a nap and eat a good meal.
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For sure. T_T